A View of the dome from the town center.

The Stormspire is a neutral Consortium-run town located in Netherstorm. It is located beneath the interconnected eco-domes of Sutheron and Skyperch. Lush jungle vegetation grows within the settlement creating a sharp contrast with the purple, arcane-channeled sky.

The town is accessible in two ways; via a flight path with the goblin Flight Master Grennik and by an elevator

[42.6, 33.6]

. Located here is a Grand Master jewelcrafting trainer, an ethereal named Jazdalaad, and a Grand Master enchanting trainer, an ethereal named Asarnan. Also, the Consortium Quartermaster Reputation vendor is located here and is named Karaaz. Numerous other vendors and quest givers are also here.

The town itself is of draenei architecture, although there are no draenei to be seen here now possibly having left their holdings for Zangarmarsh, as part of their diversionary strategy towards the old orcish Horde. Nexus-Prince Haramad, found in the uppermost part of the Spire, oversees the town through a holographic image.

Stormspire is one of the only intact exemplars of undamaged Draenei architecture in all of what is left of Draenor. Another is the citadel structure of Telaar.

Farahlon is the original name of the region of Draenor now known as Netherstorm.

The Stormspire suffers from attacks by the Burning Legion at Forge Base: Oblivion and Forge Base: Gehenna.

The innkeeper of Stormspire is named after former Community Manager Eyonix.

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Alliance Sylvanaar
Horde Thunderlord Stronghold
Neutral 15.png Area 52
Neutral 15.png Cosmowrench

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