Summer's Rest

Summer's Rest is the inn located at the Horde-controlled Shrine of Two Moons in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. It can be found on the lower floor on the eastern side. In addition to the expected innkeeper and merchants, there are also trade and general goods vendors here.


  • Horde IconSmall Orc Female.gif Hoka Stonecrush <Trade Goods>
  • Horde IconSmall Troll Male.gif Marli Two-Toes <General Goods>
  • Horde IconSmall BloodElf2 Female.gif Erin (vendor) <Exotic Drinks>
  • Horde IconSmall BloodElf2 Female.gif Sadi <Exotic Drinks>
  • Horde IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Mifan <Food and Drink>
  • Horde IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Tina Wang <Barmaid>
  • Horde IconSmall Pandaren Female.gif Madam Vee Luo <Innkeeper>
  • Horde IconSmall Pandaren Male.gif Uncle Gus


  • In addition to the typical stools, tables, and benches one might expect, there are also screened-off beds and at least one hot soaking tub.
  • There may be evidence, however, that due to the texturing of the "water" being the same texture as the ice found in the colder zones, ones inability to actually enter the tub and the texturing of the "tub" itself, that it is in fact a block of ice used to cool the immediate vicinity.

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