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Support Availability

Players seeking support from Blizzard must go through the support site, which contains a search function, support articles, and the option to get help from Blizzard support. Depending on the player's selection, and the time of day, the site may offer the option to enter a web ticket, request live web chat, or schedule a callback from a representative. Blizzard does not offer any phone numbers or email addresses for support.

In World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

In World of Warcraft, the term "support" usually means a type of class that can be useful in groups without engaging in direct combat most of the time. Healing classes are often considered "support" classes, but the term is vague and not well defined.

Blizzard Support

Official Blizzard Entertainment

The term "support" typically refers to Blizzard's Game Masters, technical support, and account support staff.

Blizzard's support center on the website allows players to login and track support tickets and responses from representatives:

World of Warcraft

In-Game Knowledgebase

Main article: Customer Support window

Since Patch 5.3, players have been able to use the in-game support browser to search and browse the support knowledge base for World of Warcraft. Players can also file tickets and request web chat or callbacks the same as on the website.[1]

Web site

The following World of Warcraft issues may be handled via Blizzard's Support web site:

Technical Support
  • Installation and Patching Issues
  • Connection Issues
  • Crashes, Errors, Lockups
  • Video and Sound Issues
In-Game Support
  • Character Problems
  • In-Game General Questions
  • Bugs and Environmental Issues
  • Quest Issues
  • Player Disputes
Account Support
  • Account Creation and Maintenance
  • Password/Account Recovery
  • Account Action and Closure Disputes
  • Billing and Payment Information
  • Purchasing Game Licenses and Value-Added Services
  • Orders with the Blizzard Store


Over the years, Blizzard has changed the contact channels available to players, including the removal of email support and direct phone numbers. Some players have reacted negatively to these changes, feeling that it is becoming more difficult to get assistance, particularly with live issues such as account compromise.

When the callback system replaced traditional phone support in January 2014, Blizzard explained that the new system eliminates time spent on hold and allows the site/representative to quickly collect useful details about the case.[2]


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