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is a night elf drink vendor located in the Darkmoon Faire camp on Darkmoon Island, which is only available during the monthly Darkmoon Faire event.


Item Quantity Price Availability
Inv drink 18.png [Bottled Winterspring Water] 5 20s Unlimited
Inv drink 08.png [Cheap Beer] 1 10c Unlimited
Inv drink 03.png [Darkmoon Special Reserve] 1 50c Unlimited
Inv drink 05.png [Fizzy Faire Drink] 5 5s Unlimited
Inv drink waterskin 11.png [Fizzy Faire Drink "Classic"] 5 56s Unlimited
Inv drink 21.png [Fresh-Squeezed Limeade] 5 85s Unlimited
Inv drink 20.png [Iced Berry Slush] 5 40s Unlimited
Inv drink 13.png [Sasparilla Sinker] 5 1g 37s 50c Unlimited


Don't be shy! Buy a round for everyone!
Tips are always graciously accepted, friend.
Cheap Beer! Get your Cheap Beer right here!
You there! Yes you! You look thirsty. Get over here, I have just what you need!
Tasty drinks for sale! Quench your thirst on some of the Darkmoon Faire's finest brews!
Just in... another batch of Darkmoon Special Reserve. Come get yours before they're all gone!

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