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This article or section contains information relating to gameplay taken from the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.
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The first World of Warcraft TCG set, named Heroes of Azeroth.

Horns blaze across the Eastern Kingdoms, calling the Alliance to arms. The drums of Durotar hasten the Horde to prepare for the looming conflict ahead. Glorious battles, prized treasures and dominion over all of Azeroth are on the table! The time is now; this is your battle.

Set Details

WoW TCG Setse
Standard Sets

Heroes of Azeroth Block
Heroes of Azeroth
Through the Dark Portal
Fires of Outland
March of the Legion Block
March of the Legion
Servants of the Betrayer
The Hunt for Illidan
Drums of War Block
Drums of War
Blood of Gladiators
Fields of Honor
Scourgewar Block
Worldbreaker Block
War of the Elements
Twilight of the Dragons
Aftermath Block
Dungeon Decks
Throne of the Tides
Crown of the Heavens
Tomb of the Forgotten
Champion Decks
Timewalkers Block
War of the Ancients
Betrayal of the Guardian
Reign of Fire
Epic collection

Raid Decks

Onyxia's Lair
Molten Core
Magtheridon's Lair
Black Temple
Assault on Icecrown Citadel
Battle of the Aspects
The Caverns of Time

Champion Decks

Jaina Proudmoore
Sylvanas Windrunner

Dungeon Decks

Shadowfang Keep
Scarlet Monastery
The Deadmines

Other Decks

Feast of Winter Veil Collector's

Box Sets

Feast of Winter Veil
Darkmoon Faire
Arena Grand Melee
Death Knight Deluxe Starter
Class Starters
2011 Class Starter Decks
2013 Class Starter Decks


Crafting Redemption
Badge of Justice Redemption
Burning Crusade Promo Set
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Promo Set
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Promo Set

Card Totals

Total Cards: 380 (361 + 3 + 16)

  • 361 Numbered Cards
    • 114 Commons
    • 115 Uncommons
      • including 16 Heroes
    • 110 Rares
    • 22 Epics
  • 3 Loot Cards
  • 16 Oversize Heroes

9 Starter Decks, 1 for each class. Precise contents of these starter decks are unknown when bought, all deckboxes have the same layout, without any indication of class of the hero. Each Starter deck comes with 3 Oversized Hero Cards.


The numbering is based on a priority of:

  1. Heroes
    1. Alliance
    2. Horde
  2. Abilities
    1. Class Abilities
      1. Druid Abilities
      2. Hunter Abilities and Pets
      3. Mage Abilities
      4. Paladin Abilities
      5. Priest Abilities
      6. Rogue Abilities
      7. Shaman Abilities
      8. Warlock Abilities and Pets
      9. Warrior Abilities
    2. Alliance Abilities
    3. Horde Abilities
    4. Neutral Abilities
  3. Allies
    1. Alliance Allies
    2. Horde Allies
    3. Neutral Allies
  4. Equipment
    1. Armor
    2. Items
    3. Weapons
  5. Quests
    1. Alliance Quests
    2. Horde Quests
    3. Neutral Quests

Each section is then ordered alphabetically.

Card List



Number Name Health Spec Class Race
1 Boris Brightbeard 26 Holy IconSmall Priest.gif IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif
2 Dizdemona 28 Affliction IconSmall Warlock.gif IconSmall Gnome Female.gif
3 Elendril 28 Marksmanship IconSmall Hunter.gif IconSmall Night Elf Male.gif
4 Graccus 29 Protection IconSmall Paladin.gif IconSmall Human Male.gif
5 Litori Frostburn 25 Frost IconSmall Mage.gif IconSmall Human Female.gif
6 Moonshadow 27 Restoration IconSmall Druid.gif IconSmall Night Elf Female.gif
7 Timmo Shadestep 27 Assassination IconSmall Rogue.gif IconSmall Gnome Male.gif
8 Warrax 30 Protection IconSmall Warrior.gif IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif


Number Name Health Spec Class Race
9 Gorebelly 30 Arms IconSmall Warrior.gif IconSmall Orc Male.gif
10 Grennan Stormspeaker 29 Elemental IconSmall Shaman.gif IconSmall Tauren Male.gif
11 Kayleitha 27 Subtlety IconSmall Rogue.gif IconSmall Undead Female.gif
12 Omedus the Punisher 26 Shadow IconSmall Priest.gif IconSmall Undead Male.gif
13 Radak Doombringer 28 Demonology IconSmall Warlock.gif IconSmall Orc Male.gif
14 Sen'zir Beastwalker 28 Beast Mastery IconSmall Hunter.gif IconSmall Troll Female.gif
15 Ta'zo 25 Fire IconSmall Mage.gif IconSmall Troll Male.gif
16 Thangal 28 Feral IconSmall Druid.gif IconSmall Tauren Male.gif


Number Name Type Faction Class
017 Bash Ability Neutral druid}
018 Bear Form Ability Neutral druid}
019 Circle of Life Ability Neutral druid}
020 Entangling Roots Ability Neutral druid}
021 Feral Rage Ability Neutral druid}
022 Healing Touch Ability Neutral druid}
023 Innervate Ability Neutral druid}
024 Mark of the Wild Ability Neutral druid}
025 Maul Ability Neutral druid}
026 Natural Defenses Ability Neutral druid}
027 Natural Selection Ability Neutral druid}
028 Nature's Swiftness Ability Neutral druid}
029 Predatory Strikes Ability Neutral druid}
030 Primal Mending Ability Neutral druid}
031 Starfire Ability Neutral druid}
032 Aimed Shot Ability Neutral hunter}
033 Arcane Shot Ability Neutral hunter}
034 Aspect of the Hawk Ability Neutral hunter}
035 Bestial Wrath Ability Neutral hunter}
037 Eagle Eye Ability Neutral hunter}
039 Marked for Death Ability Neutral hunter}
040 Master of the Hunt Ability Neutral hunter}
041 Multi-Shot Ability Neutral hunter}
043 Rapid Fire Ability Neutral hunter}
044 Ravenous Bite Ability Neutral hunter}
046 Track Humanoids Ability Neutral hunter}
047 Arcane Intellect Ability Neutral mage}
048 Blink Ability Neutral mage}
049 Brain Freeze Ability Neutral mage}
050 Cold Snap Ability Neutral mage}
051 Counterspell Ability Neutral mage}
052 Fire Blast Ability Neutral mage}
053 Fireball Ability Neutral mage}
054 Flamestrike Ability Neutral mage}
055 Frost Nova Ability Neutral mage}
056 Frostbolt Ability Neutral mage}
057 Mana Agate Ability Neutral mage}
058 Polymorph Ability Neutral mage}
059 Pyroblast Ability Neutral mage}
060 Winter's Grasp Ability Neutral mage}
061 World in Flames Ability Neutral mage}
062 Blessing of Might Ability Neutral paladin}
063 Blessing of Protection Ability Neutral paladin}
064 Blessing of Wisdom Ability Neutral paladin}
065 Cleanse Ability Neutral paladin}
066 Devotion Aura Ability Neutral paladin}
067 Divine Shield Ability Neutral paladin}
068 Hammer of Justice Ability Neutral paladin}
069 Holy Light Ability Neutral paladin}
070 Holy Shield Ability Neutral paladin}
071 Retribution Aura Ability Neutral paladin}
072 Sacred Duty Ability Neutral paladin}
073 Seal of Light Ability Neutral paladin}
074 Seal of Wisdom Ability Neutral paladin}
075 Touched by Light Ability Neutral paladin}
076 Chastise Ability Neutral paladin}
077 Dispel Magic Ability Neutral paladin}
078 Flash Heal Ability Neutral paladin}
079 Heal Ability Neutral paladin}
080 Mind Blast Ability Neutral priest}
081 Mind Control Ability Neutral priest}
082 Mind Spike Ability Neutral priest}
083 Power Word: Fortitude Ability Neutral priest}
084 Prayer of Healing Ability Neutral priest}
085 Psychic Scream Ability Neutral priest}
086 Resurrection Ability Neutral priest}
087 Shadow Word: Pain Ability Neutral priest}
088 Shadowform Ability Neutral priest}
089 Smite Ability Neutral priest}
090 Spiritual Healing Ability Neutral priest}
091 Backstab Ability Neutral rogue}
092 Cold Blood Ability Neutral rogue}
093 Coup de Grace Ability Neutral rogue}
094 Crippling Poison Ability Neutral rogue}
095 Deadly Poison Ability Neutral rogue}
096 Dismantle Ability Neutral rogue}
097 Eviscerate Ability Neutral rogue}
098 Expose Armor Ability Neutral rogue}
099 Gouge Ability Neutral rogue}
100 Lobotomize Ability Neutral rogue}
101 Premeditation Ability Neutral rogue}
102 Sinister Strike Ability Neutral rogue}
103 Stealth Ability Neutral rogue}
104 Veil of Night Ability Neutral rogue}
105 Waylay Ability Neutral rogue}
106 Chain Lightning Ability Neutral shaman}
107 Earthbind Totem Ability Neutral shaman}
108 Elemental Focus Ability Neutral shaman}
109 Frost Shock Ability Neutral shaman}
110 Ghost Wolf Ability Neutral shaman}
111 Healing Stream Totem Ability Neutral shaman}
112 Healing Wave Ability Neutral shaman}
113 Lightning Bolt Ability Neutral shaman}
114 Purge Ability Neutral shaman}
115 Rockbiter Weapon Ability Neutral shaman}
116 Searing Totem Ability Neutral shaman}
117 Totemic Call Ability Neutral shaman}
118 Windfury Totem Ability Neutral shaman}
119 Windfury Weapon Ability Neutral shaman}
120 Corruption Ability Neutral warlock}
121 Curse of Agony Ability Neutral warlock}
122 Dark Pact Ability Neutral warlock}
123 Fear Ability Neutral warlock}
124 Forbidden Knowledge Ability Neutral warlock}
128 Life Tap Ability Neutral warlock}
129 Rain of Fire Ability Neutral warlock}
131 Sever the Cord Ability Neutral warlock}
132 Shadow Bolt Ability Neutral warlock}
133 Soul Link Ability Neutral warlock}
134 Steal Essence Ability Neutral warlock}
135 Battle Shout Ability Neutral warrior}

136Berserker StanceAbilityNeutral
139Defensive StanceAbilityNeutral
140Demoralizing ShoutAbilityNeutral
142Heroic StrikeAbilityNeutral
143Last StandAbilityNeutral
144Mocking BlowAbilityNeutral
145Mortal StrikeAbilityNeutral
147Shield BashAbilityNeutral
148Stalwart ProtectorAbilityNeutral
149Sunder ArmorAbilityNeutral
150Face SmashAbilityAlliance
151From the ShadowsAbilityAlliance
153Into the FrayAbilityHorde
154Lust for BattleAbilityHorde
156Burn AwayAbilityNeutral
157Call the SpiritAbilityNeutral
158Caught Off-GuardAbilityNeutral
160Fall BackAbilityNeutral
161Guard DutyAbilityNeutral
162Interest You in a Pint?AbilityNeutral
163Lie In WaitAbilityNeutral
164On Your FeetAbilityNeutral
165Quick StrikeAbilityNeutral
166Rally the TroopsAbilityNeutral
167Rise to the ChallengeAbilityNeutral
168Shattering BlowAbilityNeutral
169Spirit HealerAbilityNeutral
170Sudden ReversalAbilityNeutral


173Acolyte DemiaAllyAlliance
174Adept BretonAllyAlliance
175Anika BerlynAllyAlliance
176Apprentice TeepAllyAlliance
177Augustus CorpsemongerAllyAlliance
178Bizzik SparkcogAllyAlliance
179Braxiss the SleeperAllyAlliance
180Crazy IgvandAllyAlliance
181Donna CalisterAllyAlliance
182Dorric the MartyrAllyAlliance
183Freya LightswornAllyAlliance
184Galahandra, Keeper of the Silent GroveAllyAlliance
185Galway SteamwhistleAllyAlliance
186Grint SundershotAllyAlliance
187Hannah the UnstoppableAllyAlliance
188Ironforge GuardsAllyAlliance
189Kailis TruearcAllyAlliance
190Kena ShadowbrandAllyAlliance
191King Magni BronzebeardAllyAlliance
192Kor CinderveinAllyAlliance
193Kryton BarleybeardAllyAlliance
194Lady Courtney NoelAllyAlliance
195Lady Jaina ProudmooreAllyAlliance
197Latro AbiectusAllyAlliance
198Leeroy JenkinsAllyAlliance
199Lhurg VenombladeAllyAlliance
200Liba WobblebonkAllyAlliance
201Lord Grayson ShadowbreakerAllyAlliance
202Lorekeeper DarianAllyAlliance
203Lt. Commander DudefellaAllyAlliance
204Maxum IronbrewAllyAlliance
205Medoc SpiritwardenAllyAlliance
206Melgwy PingzotAllyAlliance
207Mezzik DarksparkAllyAlliance
208Milo the UnmercifulAllyAlliance
209Moira DarkheartAllyAlliance
210Nerra LifeboonAllyAlliance
214Ryn DreamstriderAllyAlliance
215Sentry GwynnAllyAlliance
216Seva ShadowdancerAllyAlliance
217Sha'lin NightwindAllyAlliance
218Stylean SilversteelAllyAlliance
219Tracker GallenAllyAlliance
221Tristan RapidstrikeAllyAlliance
222Warden TonarinAllyAlliance
224Wyneth HarridanAllyAlliance
225Arnold FlemAllyHorde
226Bala SilentbladeAllyHorde
227Barak the ShamedAllyHorde
228Benethor DraigoAllyHorde
230Blood Guard Mal'waniAllyHorde
232Confessor MildredAllyHorde
233Dark Cleric JocastaAllyHorde
234Deacon JohannaAllyHorde
235Elder MoorfAllyHorde
237Fianna SpellbinderAllyHorde
238Gartok SkullsplitterAllyHorde
239Gellrin of the GallowsAllyHorde
240Guardian SteelhornAllyHorde
241Halnar Stands-AloneAllyHorde
242Hierophant CaydiemAllyHorde
243Hur ShieldsmasherAllyHorde
244Jin'lak NightfangAllyHorde
245Kaal SoulreaperAllyHorde
246Kagra of the CrossroadsAllyHorde
247Karkas DeathhowlAllyHorde
248Ka'tali StonetuskAllyHorde
249Kulan EarthguardAllyHorde
250Masten EverspiritAllyHorde
251Mias the PutridAllyHorde
252Moko Hunts-at-DawnAllyHorde
253Ophelia BarrowsAllyHorde
254Orgrimmar GruntsAllyHorde
255Panax the UnstableAllyHorde
257Rak SkyfuryAllyHorde
258Samuel GreyAllyHorde
259Skorn, Mistress of ShadowAllyHorde
261Tewa WildmaneAllyHorde
262Vaerik ProudhoofAllyHorde
263Valthak SpiritdrinkerAllyHorde
265Vexra DarkfallAllyHorde
266Voss TreebenderAllyHorde
267Warchief ThrallAllyHorde
268Warlord GoretoothAllyHorde
269Watcher Mal'wiAllyHorde
270Wazzuli WildmenderAllyHorde
271Windseer TarusAllyHorde
274Zorm StonefuryAllyHorde
275Zygore BladebreakerAllyHorde
276Zy'lah ManslayerAllyHorde
278Landro LongshotAllyNeutral
279Saltwater SnapjawAllyNeutral
280Thunderhead HippogryphAllyNeutral
042Old BonesAllyNeutral


281Bad Mojo MaskArmorNeutral
282Chromatic CloakArmorNeutral
283Deathdealer BreastplateArmorNeutral
284Devilsaur LeggingsArmorNeutral
285Draconian DeflectorArmorNeutral
286Edgemaster's HandguardsArmorNeutral
287Eye of FlameArmorNeutral
288Eye of RendArmorNeutral
289Girdle of UtherArmorNeutral
290Golem Skull HelmArmorNeutral
291Green Whelp ArmorArmorNeutral
292Helm of FireArmorNeutral
293Herod's ShoulderArmorNeutral
294Hide of the WildArmorNeutral
295Horns of EranikusArmorNeutral
296Invulnerable MailArmorNeutral
297Lionheart HelmArmorNeutral
298Mooncloth RobeArmorNeutral
299Skullflame ShieldArmorNeutral
300Stronghold GauntletsArmorNeutral
301Truesilver BreastplateArmorNeutral
302Wall of the DeadArmorNeutral
303Whitemane's ChapeauArmorNeutral
304Barov Peasant CallerItemNeutral
306Lei of LiliesItemNeutral
307Masons Fraternity RingItemNeutral
308Myrmidon's SignetItemNeutral
309Noggenfogger ElixirItemNeutral
310Piccolo of the Flaming FireItemNeutral
311Ancient Bone BowWeaponNeutral
313Arcanite ReaperWeaponNeutral
314Argent CrusaderWeaponNeutral
315Barman ShankerWeaponNeutral
316Brain HackerWeaponNeutral
317The Cruel Hand of TimmyWeaponNeutral
319Dwarven Hand CannonWeaponNeutral
320Fang of the Crystal SpiderWeaponNeutral
321Flame WrathWeaponNeutral
322Gift of the Elven MagiWeaponNeutral
323The Hammer of GraceWeaponNeutral
324Hand of Edward the OddWeaponNeutral
325Headmaster's ChargeWeaponNeutral
327Hypnotic BladeWeaponNeutral
328Iceblade HackerWeaponNeutral
329Illusionary RodWeaponNeutral
330Inventor's Focal SwordWeaponNeutral
331Krol BladeWeaponNeutral
332Rod of the Ogre MagiWeaponNeutral
333Scarlet KrisWeaponNeutral
334The ShattererWeaponNeutral
335Teebu's Blazing LongswordWeaponNeutral
336Thrash BladeWeaponNeutral
337Truesilver ChampionWeaponNeutral
338Twig of the World TreeWeaponNeutral
339Wraith ScytheWeaponNeutral


340The Defias BrotherhoodQuestAlliance
341Dragonkin MenaceQuestAlliance
342The Missing DiplomatQuestAlliance
344For the Horde!QuestHorde
345Torek's AssaultQuestHorde
346Are We There, Yeti?QuestNeutral
347Battle of DarrowshireQuestNeutral
348Big Game HunterQuestNeutral
349Blueleaf TubersQuestNeutral
350Chasing A-Me 01QuestNeutral
351A Donation of WoolQuestNeutral
352In DreamsQuestNeutral
353Into the Maw of MadnessQuestNeutral
354It's a Secret to EverybodyQuestNeutral
355Kibler's Exotic PetsQuestNeutral
356The Love PotionQuestNeutral
357The Princess TrappedQuestNeutral
358Sunken TreasureQuestNeutral
359Tooga's QuestQuestNeutral
360Your Fortune Awaits YouQuestNeutral
361Zapped GiantsQuestNeutral

Loot Cards

Loot001Landro LongshotAllyNeutral
Loot002Saltwater SnapjawAllyNeutral
Loot003Thunderhead HippogryphAllyNeutral


  • The following cards have a reference to characters of real players:
  1. 011 Kayleitha
  2. 198 Leeroy Jenkins
  3. 203 Lt. Commander Dudefella
  4. 291 Green Whelp Armor
  • The following cards are correspond to in-game NPCs:
  1. 188 Ironforge Guards
  2. 191 King Magni Bronzebeard
  3. 195 Lady Jaina Proudmoore
  4. 201 Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker
  5. 245 Kaal Soulreaper
  6. 254 Orgrimmar Grunts
  7. 267 Warchief Thrall
  8. 268 Warlord Goretooth
  9. 277 Chromie
  10. 278 Landro Longshot (Item Redemption)

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