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Taelan Fordring is a level 63 elite human paladin found in Hearthglen in the Western Plaguelands. Taelan is the son of Tirion Fordring and lord of Mardenholde Keep. He is the epitome of the powerful and good paladin warrior. Tall and powerfully built, he has long brown hair and blue eyes.[1] (LoC 167)


Of Blood and Honor

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Fifteen years later during the Third War, Taelan became a honorary Paladin and champion of the Light. He later fought against the Scourge in the town of Northdale.

The Ashbringer

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When the Scourge was moving through Lordaeron, Taelan joined the Scarlet Crusade to defend the living and fight against the Scourge's army. During his early service to the Scarlet Crusade, Taelan offered the Paladins of the Silver Hand shelter in Hearthglen. However, he did not realize the Scarlet Crusade's true origin and that the organization he served committed terrible atrocities. While he remained unaware when he was tutored by his mentor Saidan Dathrohan, Taelan was able to rise through the Crusade's ranks, and after Renault Mograine was slain in combat, he was appointed the new Highlord.


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With the aid of adventurers that were sent by his father Tirion, Taelan recognized the corruption that had befallen the Scarlet Crusade and decided to do the right thing in defecting and betraying the people he thought were his friends. In order to make things right, he made an attempt to escape from Hearthglen, but his efforts came too late when he was murdered by Grand Inquisitor Isillien. His father, who had been waiting for his son to meet him, witnessed his son's death. Overcome with grief, loss, and outrage, Tirion slew Isillien to avenge his son's death and decided to reform the Silver Hand to be a force of good in the world of Azeroth.

In Cataclysm

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After the Lich King and his Scourge suffered a major defeat, Tirion Fordring returned to the Western Plaguelands and decided to establish a base for the Argent Crusade in Hearthglen. Down the road, the tower where Taelan was slain had been called Taelan's Tower in honor of his memory.

Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Quest:In Dreams 63 26,650
Old Hillsbrad Foothills 18


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Taelan is involved in the following quests:


  • I want not to dream anymore. — TCG


  • Aside from the quests, Highlord Taelan Fordring can also be killed for loot, although he has no unique drops.
  • Players who travel to Old Hillsbrad Foothills via the Caverns of Time can spot Taelan as a boy in an upstairs room of the inn in Southshore. He is holding the replica of Tirion's hammer which he received from his father on his 7th birthday.
  • Taelan's age seems to have undergone a retcon, given that he is only five at the time of Of Blood and Honor, yet an epilogue shows him at the age of 20 being inducted into the Knights of the Silver Hand. However, given that less than a decade passes between Of Blood and Honor and World of Warcraft, exactly how Taelan could have aged 15 years in this time is a mystery. This is further compounded by Tirion stating in a quest line that he gave Taelan the toy hammer when he was seven, the circumstances of which indicate that Taelan was aware that his father was still alive. During the time of Lands of Conflict, which occurs around a year before World of Warcraft, he was said to be 34 years old.[1] (LoC 167)



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