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These are all the rare mobs found in Talador on Draenor. Mob locations can be found on the provided map; below the map is a table showing any associated notes, such as pathing area and drops.

A master list of all rare mobs can be found at rare mobs by zone.

Rare mob map


Rare mob notes

Notes: Only loot with equal to or higher than 50% drop rate is included. Many have a chance to drop Garrison Resources. They tend to drop Apexis Crystal or Primal Spirit.
Rare mob React Drops Notes
[36.6, 96]
Alliance Horde Aarko's Antique Crossbow Talk to him to start event
Consist of 2 waves plus final mob
Can be glitchy; use realm-hopping to try to solve
Bombardier Gu'gok
[44, 38]
Alliance Horde Part of Garrison daily
Can take a very long time to spawn and players perhaps need the missive for him to do so
Cro Fleshrender
[37.4, 70.6]
Alliance Horde Fleshrender's Painbringer
Dr. Gloom
[68.2, 15.8]
Alliance Horde Stinky Gloom Bombs
Echo of Murmur
[34, 57.2]
Alliance Horde Mournful Moan of Murmur Kills mobs binding him to make him attackable
[50.6, 84.6]
Alliance Horde Felbark's Shin Be sure to DPS the imps
Sikthiss, Maiden of Slaughter
Kharazos the Triumphant
[56.6, 64]
Alliance Horde Burning Legion Missive All three demons share the same spawn point and drop
Once the toy is acquired, there's no reason to kill the other two
[67.4, 80.6]
Alliance Horde Scales of Gennadian Tamable
If attempting to tame with a follower, send the follower to attack something first
There is a grapple point to the right of the wall
[31, 65]
Alliance Horde Breath of Talador Paths the area
Summons adds
[22.2, 74.2]
Alliance Horde Mrglrgirdle
[47.6, 39]
Alliance Horde Part of Garrison daily
Found inside the building
Haakun the All-Consuming
[48, 25.4]
Alliance Horde Part of Garrison daily
Has the potential to crash the game client with addons like NPCScan and Silverdragon
[63, 44]
Alliance Horde Scaled Riverbeast Vest Paths in and around the water
Hen-Mother Hami
[77.6, 52]
Alliance Horde Hami-Down Cloak Tamable, but difficult
To kill, CC her and then nuke her adds
Kaavu the Crimson Claw
[78.2, 55.8]
Alliance Horde Elite
Part of Vignette: Anchorite's Sojourn
Considering the number of waves a player has to go through, the resulting loot (just order resources), and the fact only the first person or group that tags him gets credit, this is considered "not worth the effort"
[66.8, 85.6]
Alliance Horde Klikixx's Webspinner Cave entrance[61.2, 84.1]

Once inside, take the ramp to the right
Kurlosh Doomfang
[37.4, 37.6]
Alliance Horde Kurlosh's Kidneyslicer
Lady Demlash
[33.6, 37.8]
Alliance Horde Demlash's Dashing Robe Can't use stuns or interrupts against her
Legion Vanguard
[38, 20.4]
Alliance Horde Kill ~10 summoners first, then demon waves; Vanguard will spawn after
Can be buggy
Lo'marg Jawcrusher
[49, 92]
Alliance Horde Tezzakel's Terrible Talisman
Lord Korinak
[31, 26.8]
Alliance Horde Doomlord's Seal of Command Best done in a small group when at level
[86.4, 30.8]
Alliance Horde Pulsating Brain of No'losh Small pathing area
Orumo the Observer
[31.4, 47.6]
Alliance Horde Chained Orb of Omniscience Need 5 players to stand on the runes directly around him to make him attackable
Each rune deals damage, so stand on them at the same time and for at least a second to "register"
Pets cannot be used to activate the runes
[59.4, 59.6]
Alliance Horde Ra'kahn's Bite Tamable
Cave entrance[60, 57]
Sargerei War Council
[46, 28]
Alliance Horde Sargerei Councilor's Drape Trio paths throughout the area
Consists of Soulbinder Naylana, Archmagus Tekar, and Strategist Ankor
Kill order is above
Can be very difficult to solo at level
If all three are not killed and the player dies, the slain mobs resurrect
Consider using CC to separate and kill the mobs
Also clear out the intended kill zone first
Shadowflame Terrorwalker
[41.8, 41.2]
Alliance Horde Searing Shadowflame Axe Small aggro radius
So long as players do not step into the inner circle, the imps can be cleared first
[42.8, 54.2]
Alliance Horde Shirzir's Sticky Slippers Found underground
Entrance[41.4, 60.1]
[62, 32]

[62, 45]

[67, 59]

[80, 55]

[54, 83]
Alliance Horde Sapphire Riverbeast Elite
Paths around slightly in each area
Everyone who tags it gets the mount
[68, 35]
Alliance Horde Steeltusk's Steel Tusk
Talonpriest Zorkra
[53.8, 91]
Alliance Horde Zorkra's Hood Move away when he uses Summon Shadow Figurines
Underseer Bloodmane
[63.6, 20.8]
Alliance Horde Prize's Horn-Ring Avoid killing his pig, Prize, as Bloodmane will enrage
Ramp up to building[62.1, 24.5]
Vigilant Paarthos
[37.6, 43.2]
Alliance Horde Shoulderplates of the Vigilant Paths in small area
Very long respawn
Wandering Vindicator
[69.6, 33.6]
Alliance Horde Forgotten Vindicator's Blade Once defeated, he turns neutral
He will then tell you to loot his nearby sword
Yazheera the Incinerator
[53.8, 25.8]
Alliance Horde Yazheera's Burning Bracers
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