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Talbuks are beautifully colored, striped, horned antelope-like creatures native to Argus,[citation needed] they were brought to the world of Draenor by Dreanei, after some time they evolved. Residing primarily in the plains of Nagrand. They usually congregate underneath trees, but some groups of them are seen wandering with their respective Patriarchs. The strongest talbuk, Combat [67+] Bach'lor, is sought after by game hunters as proof of their skill. Weakest Talbuk is Moukku.

There is also a herd of talbuks living in the Stormspire's Eco-Dome consisting of Combat does and Combat sires. Talbuk does are non-aggressive beasts that alert surrounding males when attacked, while the decidedly more aggressive sires use their large hooves to stun attackers. When weakened, these talbuk can be tagged for Aurine Moonblaze, a druid sent by the Cenarion Expedition to investigate the Ethereal technology's effects on wildlife.

One breed of talbuk is known for its twelve prongs that are sharp and dangerous. Moukku was hunted for the orcish om'riggor ritual.[1] (RotH 65)

Types of talbuks in-game

As a mount

Main article: Talbuk mounts

They are also a special mount available for Alliance players exalted with the Kurenai faction and to Horde players exalted with the Mag'har faction. The faction mounts are available in White, Tan, Silver, and Cobalt, with each color being available as a Riding Talbuk and War (armored) Talbuk.

There are also Dark Riding and Dark War Talbuks from the Halaa merchants which cost [Halaa Battle Token]s and [Halaa Research Token]s and require no reputation.


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