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Talbuk mounts are epic quality mounts purchasable in Nagrand from Horde Provisioner Nasela <Mag'har Quartermaster> or Alliance Trader Narasu <Kurenai Quartermaster>. To buy them you must be exalted with the appropriate faction.

Riding talbuks

These talbuks are fast ground mounts (+100% movement speed) and only cost 70g

War talbuks

These talbuks are also fast ground mounts (+100% movement speed), but cost 100g. For the extra 30 gold they wear armor, though not much.

Dark talbuks

Two talbuks exist that some consider easier to get. Rather than farming reputation with their faction, they could just participate in a Halaa battle and farm Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Samples. They can be purchased from Horde Coreiel <Blade Merchant> or Alliance Aldraan <Blade Merchant> while your faction controls Halaa.

These mounts move fast on the ground (+100% movement speed) and cost 70 Halaa Battle Token 15 Halaa Research Token for the normal one and 100 Halaa Battle Token 20 Halaa Research Token for the armored one.