3.2 resilience change

Trying to figure out the new cap here. Blizzard says they increased the resilience required by 15%, old resilience was known to be 82 per percent of damage reduction. So by that alone, I'd say new number is 94.3. That being the case, (crit reduction cap being 33% and crit reduction multiplier being 2.2) the numbers would be: 33/2.2=15, 15*94.3=1414.5 resilience at the 33% cap.

These numbers work with what wow currently shows on my character sheet, so I am going to go ahead and put those numbers in the main article. AlphaWolf (talk) 22:28, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

Resilience a pve stat too?

I've been told many times that this stat is PvP only and does not affect mobs. This article makes no mention of this and even suggests otherwise. Does resilience work on mobs and is simply more useful against players or does it have no effect?

Resilience works on mobs, it's just not as useful. Resilience was designed mostly to cut down on incoming burst damage from all possible sources, physical or magic - this makes it very nice for PvP. You're told that it's PvP only because there are much better ways to mitigate damage in PvE. Usually, the only players focusing on damage mitigation are the tanks, which is usually considered case by case (defense rating, dodge, armor for most bosses, and resistance for certain places). When others need to mitigate damage too, it's usually some sort of resistance. But these aren't so hot for PvP, since you can't always plan on facing a certain type of damage.
Also, in PvE there's a difference between a crit and a crushing blow. Defense rating mitigates both, but I'm pretty sure resilience only mitigates the crits. I'm a mage, I don't tank so I don't know for sure if that's the case. --Piu (?!) 20:36, 3 January 2008 (UTC)

The formulas used are totally wrong, for example: "Avg. Damage = Normal Hit Damage * (1.0 + ((C - res) * (B - res*2)))" this formula doesn't count the fact that noncrit dmg scales up with resilience. The formula given only works with 0 resilience and if resilience is as high or higher than crit chance

avg dmg would be: [Normhit*(1-C+res) + normhit*((C-res)*((1+B)*(1-res*2)))] where C=crit chace, B=crit dmg bonus(for example 1 for norm melee)

"Avg. Damage = 1000 * (1.0 + ((0.20 - 0.03) * (1.0 - 0.03*2))) = 1159.8, 3% reduction per crit, 3.35% overall reduction"

would be: 1000*(1-0.2+0.03) + 1000*((0.2-0.03)*((1+1)*(1-0.03*2)) = 1149.6, 4.2% total reduction

1000*(1-0.2+0.03) is noncrit part of the dmg, +0.03 comes from 3% improved chance to get a noncrit

1000*(0.2-0.03)*((1+1)*(1-0.03*2)) is dmg with crits 1000=base dmg, (0.2-0.03)=new crit chance, ((1+1)*(1-0.03*2))=((crit dmg modifier)*(dmg modifier given by resilience for crits))

"As an extreme example, consider a rogue who has a 100% crit rate with a standard weapon attack. Melee attacks have a critical strike bonus of 100%. If the average attack is 200, crits are 400. With a 100% crit rate every attack should now crit for 400. If the target has 1% resilience then only 99% of attacks will critically strike and the damage bonus of those attacks will be reduced by 2%. One out of every hundred attacks will now only hit for 200, and the rest will still be critical strikes but only hit for 396. This means the average attack is now reduced to 394.04 overall resulting in 1.49% total damage reduction." "Avg. Damage = 200 * (1.0 + ((1.00 - 0.01) * (1.0 - 0.01*2))) = 394.04"

avg dmg is (1*200+99*400*0,98)/100=390.08 or 200*(1-1+0.01)+(200*(1-0.01)*(1+1)*(1-0.01*2))=390.08

the formula used on resilience page makes resilience only reduce dmg of crit's dmg bonus, although resilience reduces crit's total dmg thats why all the dmg reductions given are lower than they should actually be

I can see where the error is: I should not subtract directly from the crit damage bonus, I should be doing a multiply against the whole crit damage. The rogue's crit for 400 will be reduced to 392, not 396. I started with the equation:
Avg. Damage = Normal Hit Damage * (1.0 + (C * B))

Which is just algebraically simplified from:

Avg. Damage = (Normal Hit * (1.0 - C)) + (Normal Hit * C * (1.0 + B))

If I want to express the effect of resilience as a reduction in crit bonus B, then B - res*2 is incorrect, it is actually B - (res*2*(1+B)) so to modify the equation I originally wrote, the correct average damage calculation is:

Avg. Damage = Normal Hit Damage * (1.0 + ((C - res) * (B - (res*2*(1+B)))))

However, that is non-obvious unless you do all the algebra from the beginning, trying to model resilience as a reduction in crit bonus. It's much clearer if the derivation is done from the expanded crit equation like you've done. I'll work in the changes to make it all clearer. Thanks for the input, and welcome to WoWWiki. --Piu (?!) 23:08, 8 January 2008 (UTC)

below level 60

'Elixir of Ironskin' works on 55 upwards - maybe that's one of the rare exceptions.--Rorthron 21:51, 20 March 2008 (UTC)


In 3.2 (as this page says at the bottom in the notes for patch 3.2), resilience no longer specifically affects damage over time spells, but rather works to reduce damage from players across the board (thank goodness, my afflic warlock is no longer nerfed in BGs). However, throughout the page there are still references to it affecting DoTs specifically. I don't feel that confident updating it, since there's lots of math in there that I don't want to mess up. --Radeex (talk) 15:22, 12 August 2009 (UTC)

4.0.1 changes

I did not go into the formulas or any of the other detailed descriptions of this article for any other changes, but I did make slight edits to mentions of "reducing the chance to be critically struck" as well as adding 4.0.1 to the patch list on the bottom. If there are any other changes, I'm not aware of them as well as I'm not good with formulas so I may have missed some mentions of the removed ability of resilience. --Kanegasi 03:22, October 17, 2010 (UTC)

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