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Taskmaster Fizzule is a level 30 elite quest giver located outside a tower just northwest of the Sludge Fen in the Horde-aligned territory of the Barrens. He is an undercover agent of the Shattered Hand clan of Horde rogues sent to spy on the Venture Trading Company

Beware, he is initially hostile to both Horde and Alliance, and will only become friendly to those that fire a [Flare Gun] twice and then "/salute" him, which is only an option available to rogues undertaking the relevant quest chain.

Although he is elite and has a golden dragon portrait, killing him is inadvisable for two reasons - since he is a quest NPC, he drops no loot at all, and he also has a rather impressive amount of HP for his level, and will quickly lay waste to the unprepared.

He starts the quest H Rogue} [21] Mission: Possible But Not Probable.

He also gives you [Fizzule's Whistle], which makes approaching him easier; just use the whistle.

When you have competed the quests and no longer need to approach and talk to Taskmaster Fizzule, both the Flare Gun and Fizzule's Whistle can be discarded.

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