Telaar is the Kurenai-factioned Alliance town in southern Nagrand. The flight point is at 54,75, on top of the inn. It is accessed via exterior ramps on either side of the building.

Telaar is full of draenei, both of normal and Broken versions. There are plenty of quests to be had, goods to be bought, and things to see. Telaar is also one of the only intact examples of undamaged Draenei architecture in all of what is left of Draenor. The Kurenai quartermaster is here, as is a stable master and a mailbox, in addition to the flight master and inn mentioned above.

Travel Connections


Alliance Telredor
Alliance Allerian Stronghold
Neutral 15.png Shattrath City

Telaar NPCs


Quest Givers

Quests are also available from the Telaar Bulletin Board, next to Warden Moi'bff Jill.


Players can fly from here to:


  • It should be noted that before, most of the Draenei NPC's in Telaar (except one, interrogator Khan) were male. There were possibly just placeholders, as the broken draenei female model did not exist yet in game.[citation needed]