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Telredor is an Alliance-aligned draenei town located on top of a giant mushroom in eastern Zangarmarsh. Originally a calm settlement of draenei anchorites, many draenei refugees flocked to it when the orcs started attacking their villages. Telredor turned out to be an impregnable fortress, and a safe haven for many draenei. They followed Velen in joining the Alliance, and some members of allied races have come to the town to research the marshes and do business.

It is infamous for its particularly tricky floating elevator that transports players to and from the top of the mushroom. The elevator travels a long distance and doesn't have walls, making it easy to misjudge its landing and thus misstep and plummet to your death on the ground far below.

Telredor does not have food vendors, and for a lore-based reason. Many of the quests relate to food gathering, and because they are close to starving, food is shared among their own people and they would not sell it to outsiders.

Travel Connections


Alliance Orebor Harborage
Alliance Temple of Telhamat
Alliance Sylvanaar
Alliance Telaar
Neutral 15.png Shattrath City

Telredor NPCs


  • There is a landing formed at the top of the two staircases leading to the elevator platform: it is here where Farseer Nobundo stood and introduced the path of shamanism to the draenei.
  • A zone area can be found somewhere nearby Telredor simply called "Telredor", though it was probably a small error as it does not have its own chat channels. Upon entering, the zone indicator is in big, bold writing like most zones.