Displays the given ability as a loot link. If the ability is missing from WoWWiki, DB search links are added by Javascript.
This template is intended for player character abilities, whereas {{power}} is intended for mobs or NPCs. They really only differ in appearance (link text color).
The display name parameter, if passed, is used to show a link titled differently than the ability's name.
  • 1 = Ability name.
  • 2 = Shown label name.
  • id = Optional Spell id. Shows superscript links to DBs.
    • subdomain = Optional Wowhead subdomain. Used when id = used. Currently supports subdomain=old, subdomain=ptr, or subdomain=mop (for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Mists of Pandaria before it goes live). Only used for WoWDB (ptr only) and Wowhead (old, ptr, or mop).
    • dbmmoc = Optional Show link to (suppressed by default). Used when id = used.
{{ability|Frostfire Bolt}}
{{ability|Execute|Mage killer}}
{{ability|Stampeding Roar|id=77761}} bear form version
{{ability|Stampeding Roar|id=77764}} cat form version
{{ability|Ravage!|id=102545|subdomain=mop}} cat form version
{{ability|Magical Pink Pony Power}}
[Frostfire Bolt]
[Mage killer]
[Stampeding Roar]ω τ ϖ bear form version
[Stampeding Roar]ω τ ϖ cat form version
[Ravage!]ω ϖ cat form version
[Magical Pink Pony Power]
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