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Inv ammo arrow 02.png Neutral 15.png Shafted! 10 Achievement points
Shoot 10 players with the Inv ammo arrow 02.png [Silver Shafted Arrow].


Placed in articles that are part of achievements. See the boilerplate for achievements if you need help creating an achievement page.



Valid Field Entries:

Only include the fields that are needed.

  • mode = Always specify {{{mode|}}}.
  • arg = Always specify {{{arg|}}}.
  • icon = Icon image name for the achievement (not including .png).
    • image = Depecated Icon image for the achievement.
  • name = Specify an achievement name.
  • link = Optionally specify an achievement link.
  • disambigpage = Specify the article's name if not the same as achievement's name.
  • points = Optionally specify achievement points. Default is 10.
  • account = Optionally specify Account-wide progress.
  • description = Achievement description as it appears in-game.
  • criteria = Optionally specify details about the criteria of the quest. Recommended to use {{col-begin}}{{col-2}}{{col-end}} templates.
    • nocriteria= for cases where there is a reward without criteria (no value needed; use with criteria = &zwnj;)
  • reward = Optionally specify rewards other than achievement points.
  • faction = Optionally specify a faction (Horde or Alliance) if this achievement cannot be completed by both Horde and Alliance.
  • width = Optionally specify a CSS width (ie 40em, 100%, etc) of the achievement table. Default is auto.
  • style = Optional CSS style.
  • class = Optional CSS style class.
  • type = {{{doc|<type>}}} where <type> should be one of the following: