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Places a standard class icon and link for a particular class on a wiki page.

1 = [death knight, dk, deathknight, demon hunter, dh, demonhunter, druid, hunter, mage, monk, paladin, priest, rogue, shaman, warlock, warrior] class token name
2 = [..., notext] Optional alternate wiki text. 'notext' means no link. Default is link to the classes main page.
3 = Optional text that only replaces the 'link text' part of the normal link
{{Class|<class>|<plain text, link, or options>|<alternate link text>}}

This displays any of the 10 playable classes' icons and a link to the class, the relevant article, or some other formatted text. The class parameter accepts many options outside of what the ten classes are called in-game such as abbreviations and common misspellings.

The second parameter can be either any formatted text (try to include a link), or the string 'notext' to not display any text at all, just the two icons.

Regular examples
{{class|Death Knight}} Death Knight Death Knight {{class|Demon Hunter}} Demon Hunter Demon Hunter
{{class|Druid}} Druid Druid {{class|Hunter}} Hunter Hunter
{{class|Mage}} Mage Mage {{class|Monk}} Monk Monk
{{class|Paladin}} Paladin Paladin {{class|Priest}} Priest Priest
{{class|Rogue}} Rogue Rogue {{class|Shaman}} Shaman Shaman
{{class|Warlock}} Warlock Warlock {{class|Warrior}} Warrior Warrior
Alternate text examples
{{class|DK|[[Death Knight sets|Death Knight]]}}

        Death Knight Death Knight using alternate link


        Death Knight DK changing only link text


        Death Knight using no text

See also
  • {{ClassIcon}} - Square icon only, but very flexible size
  • {{Classlink}} - More flexible lua version with fixed icon sizes (21px, 32px, 48px, and 64px)