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Places a standard external link on a wiki page.

prefix= (Optional) prefix text before the icon.
type= (Optional) With correct name, automatically fills in '|icon=' and '|site='.
icon= (Optional) Icon name (expects same image filename format as {{wwicon}}) to show a specific icon before link that also works :site= Simple name for the site, used as the link text.
link= URL to link to.
     url= (Optional) Can be used alternatively, but is not recommended.
desc= (Optional) description of what can be found at the link, placed after the link in plain text.
     title= (Optional) Can be used alternatively, but is not recommended.
bydate= (Optional) appears after the description in 90% of font-size (smaller).
style= (Optional) additional style for the outer div container. Useful for inline style formatting.
inline= (Optional) if set, will make the link work properly as inline text.
strike= (Optional) if set, will strike though the link and meta portions.
postfix= (Optional) postfix text after the link and meta.

See Template:Elink/doc for instructions and examples.

See also
  • {{wklink}} for links to Wiktionary
  • {{wplink}} for links to Wikipedia
  • {{wqlink}} for links to Wikiquote