Creates a flexible WoW item link with icon. If destination page does not exist, should show Javascript added links to DBs. See also Template:Loot.

  • 1 - Article name used for the link. Page will be used to populate tooltip.
  • 2 - Item name. Used for link text. Default is to use Item article or arg 1.
  • icon - Icon to use in item link text. Default shows no icon. Empty shows default icon.
  • color - Color to make item link text. (Optional)
  • db - Well known item ID from the WoW item database. Will add external links to popular WoW database websites. Default is link with out super-script item ID links.
  • ptr - If set, create a 'PTR' style link for PTR items.
{{item|Darkwater Talwar|icon=}}
{{item|Intern Items - BJI|icon=inv_misc_bag_10_blue|db=133641}}
Inv sword 36.png [Darkwater Talwar]
Intern Items - BJI

See Template:Item/doc for more instructions and examples.

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