The Map template places a map on a wiki page, optionally with notes and map markers. This is the main template for this Wiki map system, and all related templates are sub-templates of this template. See also Category:Map Templates.

  • 1 or zone or instance - common map, region, or area name
  • 2 or area or phase or alt - map sub-zone name or number. Optional
  • size or width - embedded map width in pixels. Default is 501
  • float - css float the embedded map, 'left' or 'right'. Optional
  • notes - extra wiki code or html that is to be displayed with the map. Optional
Notes on 'notes' field: Designed to work with the {{Map/Note}} map notation template. Simply placing 'Map/Note's inside the 'notes' parameter will automatically place map notes and markers inside the map.
Other Map Styles and Utilities

Map only

{{Map|Elwynn Forest|size=300}}


A basic map with markers

{{Map|Elwynn Forest|size=400|notes=
{{Map/Note|25.8|89.6|Skull|Hogger|Location##Elite mob;;Location::Hogger}}
{{Map/Note|39.4|60.5|Star|Graveyard|Point of Interest::Graveyard}}
{{Map/Note|24.4|78|Cross|Raid meets here|Location::Raid meets here}}
{{Map/Note|45.4|74.5|Wiki|Hogger|Location##Elite mob;;Location::Hogger}}
For Admins and Maintainers

This template can be renamed with the 'rename sub-pages' option for use on wikis that may want to use a different name or already have a template called map. After a rename all of the template functionality should remain the same, and the caller can simply use the new template name instead of {{Map}}. If the name is changed, the {{Map/Settings|1}} include in each map template must be fixed to match the new name, and the 'MAPBASENAME' setting or other settings in Template:Map/Settings must also be changed.

Map templates and files:

Test and example files:


WoW Specific Templates:

Implementation origin copy:

The lack of '/doc' files for template documentation is on purpose for this utility, and was done in order to make it easier to copy, rename, and to simplify file compares and updates between sites for maintenance.

See Template:Map/doc for any additional wiki specific information.

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