This template adds standardized map coordinate to a wiki page, with a hover popup map, and link to a large map. See also Template:Map and Template:Map/Link.

  • 1 or x - the relative horizontal marker position
  • 2 or y - the relative vertical marker position
  • 3 or zone - common map, region, or area name
  • 4 or alt - map sub-zone name or number. Optional
  • size or width - popup map size in pixels. Default is 300
  • marker - marker type name. Default is 'Blip'
  • title - the short display name for the note
  • desc - legend markup for the note. Used by the large map legend
Notes: Useful for adding a pair of coordinates to other wiki text, like names people places and things. Hovering over the coordinates opens the map popup with a marker to mark the spot. Clicking on the coordinates opens a large map. For 'x', 'y', 'marker', 'title' and 'desc' see Template:Map/Note. For 'zone' and 'alt' see Template:Map/File.
[[Shore Crawler]]s{{Map/Coords|25|66|Elwynn Forest}}, 
[[Shore Crawler]]s{{Map/Coords|46.9|78.8|Elwynn Forest|size=500|marker=Skull}},
[[Shore Crawler]]s{{Map/Coords|64|23|Elwynn Forest|title=Hogger|desc=Location::Hogger}}

Shore Crawlers

[25, 66]

, Shore Crawlers

[46.9, 78.8]

, Shore Crawlers

[64, 23]
For Admins and Maintainers

This template, using the user specified coordinates, generates a Map "coordinate" pair with brackets as wiki superscript text, and as a hover-able clickable link. This allows the user to add supplementary map information easily to another wiki link or other wiki text on a wiki page.

The optional marker type name is passed to and filtered by Map/Note, so all of the marker type and icon rules for Note apply here. The common map name is likewise filtered by Map/File, following the same rules, just as it also is for Map and Map/Link.

See Template:Map/Coords/doc for any additional wiki specific information.