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Translates a map name to a wiki image file name. Can also be used to define extents and coordinate systems per map. See Template:Map/Extents. This template is intended for use by the Map templates, and is generally not used directly. See the main Template:Map.

  • 1 - name of the map, instance, region, or area
  • 2 - id or name of the sub-area or alternate map. Optional
  • 3 - id or name of the sub-sub-area or second alternate map. Optional
Notes: For map names, several different names may refer to the same map. For maps that are actually split over several different wiki image files, the extra sub-area or alternate map parameters can be used to choose the correct image file. For a wiki specific list of maps, see additional file docs.
{{Map/File|Elwynn Forest}}
{{Map/File|The Deadmines|1}}
For Admins and Maintainers

This template translates a common map name, like 'Mystery Island', into an actual wiki file name for a map, like 'InstanceMap-MysteryIsland3.jpg'. The name can be used to display a map filename, or in a wiki link to display an image on a wiki page.

Edit this template to add or change files names, coordinate systems, and extents for maps over time, and allows all of the related changes to be done in one common place. Implementers can choose any type of naming system or rules, or use a completely a different code style, for wiki map files and common names.

For maps in info-boxes, this file can be used as a glue between wiki user infobox naming (cannon, naming, or policy), and the practical policy or mistakes on wiki map image file names.

See Template:Map/File/doc for any additional wiki specific information.