You may want to use {{NPC}} for interactive (buy, sell, talk, etc.) creatures or {{Battlepet}} for battle pets.
This template passes most parameters except ah=, a=, and h= through to the {{NPC}} template.
  • {{NPC}}
  • Template type set to "Citation or reference". "Infoicon" type doesn't show text on mobile skin.
Note: title and display_name are optional.
Optional ah= use value (-1, -.5, 0, or 1)
    for general A H, U, N, or A H.
Optional a= use value (-1, -.5, 0, or 1)
    for Alliance A, A, A, or A.
Optional h= use value (-1, -.5, 0, or 1)
    for Horde H, H, H, or H.
Optional level= should have a number or range of numbers
    (add + for elite).
Optional boss= Show Boss boss instead of Combat combat icon (also overrides |elite= and |rare=)
    (no value needed).
Optional elite= Show Combat Elite Mob elite icon (Combat Elite Rare Mobwith rare=) instead of Combat combat icon
    (no value needed).
Optional rare= Show Combat Rare Mob rare icon (Combat Elite Rare Mob with elite=) instead of Combat combat icon
    (no value needed).
Optional color= valid CSS/HTML text color.
Optional smallicon= should use icons from
    WoWWiki:List of race icons without leading File: or
Optional id = NPC id. Shows superscript links to DBs.
Optional subdomain = Wowhead subdomain.
    Used when id = used. Currently supports
    subdomain=old, subdomain=ptr,
    or subdomain=mop (for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Mists of Pandaria
    before it goes live). Only used for WoWDB (ptr only)
    and Wowhead (old, ptr, or mop).
Optional dbmmoc = Show link to (suppressed by default).
    Used when id = used.
Example Results

{{Mob|Onyxia (tactics)|LALALA|Onyxia|boss=}}
{{Mob|Bog Overlord|level=70+|elite=}}
{{Mob|Talbuk Thorngrazer|level=65-66|ah=0|smallicon=IconSmall_Stag.gif}}
{{Mob|Talbuk Sire|level=68-69|ah=-1|smallicon=IconSmall_Stag.gif}}
{{Mob|Wrenix's Gizmotronic Apparatus|level=20

Boss Onyxia <LALALA>
Combat Elite Mob[70+] Bog Overlord
Combat Rare MobTimber
Combat [63+] IconSmall Dreadlord.gif Dreadknight
RepFrame - Neutral.png Combat [65-66] IconSmall Stag.gif Talbuk Thorngrazer
RepFrame - Alliance Hostile.png RepFrame - Horde Hostile.png Combat [68-69] IconSmall Stag.gif Talbuk Sire
RepFrame - Alliance Friendly.png RepFrame - Horde Friendly.png Combat [20] IconSmall HarvestGolem.gif Wrenix's Gizmotronic Apparatus

RepFrame - Alliance Friendly.png RepFrame - Horde Hostile.png Combat [56] IconSmall Ancient.gif Arei

{{Mob|Elemental Slave|level=33-34 |a=1|h=0|smallicon=IconSmall_Earth.gif}}
{{Mob|Armored Wyvern Destroyer|level=70
{{Mob|Timbermaw Warder|level=53-54|ah=-.5|smallicon=IconSmall_Furbolg.gif}}
{{Mob|Timbermaw Warder|level=53-54|a=-.5|h=-1|smallicon=IconSmall_Furbolg.gif}}
{{Mob|Timbermaw Warder|level=53-54|a=-1|h=-.5|smallicon=IconSmall_Furbolg.gif}}
{{Mob|Bloodlord Mandokir||<s>Bloodlord Mandokir</s>
    |color=gray|boss=|level=??+|smallicon=IconSmall_Troll_Male.gif}} {{Mob|boss=|Lei Shen|The Thunder King|id=68397}}

RepFrame - Alliance Friendly.png RepFrame - Horde Neutral.png Combat [33-34] IconSmall Earth.gif Elemental Slave

RepFrame - Alliance Hostile.png RepFrame - Horde Friendly.png Combat [70] IconSmall Wyvern.gif Armored Wyvern Destroyer

RepFrame - Unfriendly.png Combat [53-54] IconSmall Furbolg.gif Timbermaw Warder

RepFrame - Alliance Unfriendly.png RepFrame - Horde Hostile.png Combat [53-54] IconSmall Furbolg.gif Timbermaw Warder

RepFrame - Alliance Hostile.png RepFrame - Horde Unfriendly.png Combat [53-54] IconSmall Furbolg.gif Timbermaw Warder

Boss [??+] IconSmall Troll Male.gif Bloodlord Mandokir

Boss Lei Shen <The Thunder King>ω ϖ

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