Displays the given text as a link with the desired quality color.
{{quality|<quality>|<item page link>|<display text>|<section=>}}
  • 1 = Quality name (will change link/label color)
    Possible Values for quality name:
    1. poor (gray)
    2. common (white)
    3. uncommon (green)
    4. rare (blue)
    5. epic (purple)
    6. legendary (orange)
    7. artifact (light gold (current color from GetItemQualityColor (3.0.3), possibly should be red))
    8. heirloom (light gold)
    9. enchant (bright gold)
    10. object (yellow)
    11. ability (aqua)
    12. power (light green)
    13. wowtoken (cyan)
  • 2 = optional page link (if not to quality name; will also become label, if none supplied)
  • 3 = optional label (displayed text for link)
  • section = optional section for link (usually: #Items or #Battle_pets)
{{quality|Rare|Zulian Stone Axe}}
{{quality|Legendary|Warglaive of Azzinoth (off hand)|Warglaive of Azzinoth}}
{{quality|uncommon|uncommon|Uncommon battle pet quality|section=#Battle_pets}}
Zulian Stone Axe
Warglaive of Azzinoth
Uncommon battle pet quality
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