Tooltip-style extension for set details, supports being embedded into {{tooltip}} itself (tooltip passes nobox=true to page, page passes nobox=true to settip, settip refrains from generating div and ul tags, appending itself to existing tooltip). This is useful for including it conditionally - for example, only on the item detail page.

Required Prefix

All set articles are required to start the settip code with the following fragment exactly as it appears here:


This fragment manages transclusion of set data, making set entries in tooltips possible.

Set data arguments

Set name
Number of pieces in this set
Sums of stats and attributes of this set (Armor, Sta, Int, Spi, Agi, Str), socket bonuses as [+ X], separate by <br />.
Sums of all effects (increased ratings, mana per 5, etc), separate by <br />.
List of sockets on all items, separate by <br />.
Requirement text to receive set bonuses, omit Requires.
List of all set pieces using {{loot}}, separate by <br />
List of all set bonuses (format: (#) Set: bonus text), separate by <br />

Formatting/ arguments

Name of the page containing the tooltip, if the not Set Name itself (used to allow default-page formatting on disambiguated pages).
Width of the tooltip, defaults to 18em.
Where to float the tooltip, defaults to right on own page, left elsewhere.

Copyable boilerplate

|name=Redemption Armor
|stats=6475 [[Armor]]<br />+207 Stamina<br />+208 Intellect
|effects=Equip: Restores 58 mana per 5 sec.<br />
Equip: Increases healing done by spells and effects by up to 388 and damage done by spells and effects by up to 133.<br />
Equip: Increases your spell critical strike rating by 70.
|pieces={{loot|Epic|Redemption Boots}}<br />{{loot|Epic|Redemption Girdle}}<br />{{loot|Epic|Redemption Handguards}}<br />{{loot|Epic|Redemption Headpiece}}<br />{{loot|Epic|Redemption Legguards}}<br />{{loot|Epic|Redemption Spaulders}}<br />{{loot|Epic|Redemption Tunic}}<br />{{loot|Epic|Redemption Wristguards}}<br />{{loot|Epic|Ring of Redemption}}
|bonus=(2) Set: {{spelllink|28775|Set}}<br />(4) Set: {{spelllink|28774|Set}}<br />(6) Set: {{spelllink|28789|Set}}<br />(8) Set: {{spelllink|28787|Set}}