Humane syntax for specifying any spec icon. Pass the spec name and, optionally, class name (to differentiate between spec names shared by multiple classes), template returns in-line icon. See discussion for spec abbreviations and other documentation.
{{SpecIcon|<Spec Name>|<Class Name>|<link=internal_link>}}

Caveat: For some reason you can't use {{Spec}} with |link=. Frowney.gif

{{SpecIcon|Holy|Paladin}}: Holy (Paladin) (Paladin is specified because priests have a Holy spec too)
{{SpecIcon|Shadow}}: Shadow (no such conflict with Shadow)
{{SpecIcon|Hybrid}}: Hybrid (Hybrid uses the same icon for all classes)
{{SpecIcon|Balance|link=Balance_specialization}}: Balance (clicking goes to Balance_specialization)
{{SpecIcon}}: No Spec (Passing "none" would result in the same icon)
All spec icons
deathknight} {{SpecIcon|Blood}}: Blood {{SpecIcon|Frost|DK}}: Frost (Death Knight) {{SpecIcon|Unholy}}: Unholy
demonhunter} {{SpecIcon|Havoc}}: Havoc {{SpecIcon|Vengeance}}: Vengeance
druid} {{SpecIcon|Balance}}: Balance {{SpecIcon|FC}}: Feral {{SpecIcon|Resto|Druid}}: Restoration (Druid)
World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria {{SpecIcon|Guardian}}: Guardian
hunter} {{SpecIcon|Beast}}: Beast Mastery hunter} {{SpecIcon|Marksman}}: Marksmanship hunter} {{SpecIcon|Survival}}: Survival
mage} {{SpecIcon|Arcane}}: Arcane mage} {{SpecIcon|Fire}}: Fire mage} {{SpecIcon|Frost|Mage}}: Frost (Mage)
monk} {{SpecIcon|Brew}}: Brewmaster monk} {{SpecIcon|Mist}}: Mistweaver monk} {{SpecIcon|Wind}}: Windwalker
paladin} {{SpecIcon|Holy|Paladin}}: Holy (Paladin) {{SpecIcon|Prot|Paladin}}: Protection (Paladin) {{SpecIcon|Ret}}: Retribution
priest} {{SpecIcon|Disc}}: Discipline {{SpecIcon|Holy|Priest}}: Holy (Priest) {{SpecIcon|Shadow}}: Shadow
rogue} {{SpecIcon|Assassin}}: Assassination {{SpecIcon|Combat}}: Combat
{{SpecIcon|Outlaw}}: Outlaw
{{SpecIcon|Subtlety}}: Subtlety
shaman} {{SpecIcon|Elemental}}: Elemental {{SpecIcon|Enhancement}}: Enhancement {{SpecIcon|Resto|Shaman}}: Restoration (Shaman)
warlock} {{SpecIcon|Affliction}}: Affliction {{SpecIcon|Demonology}}: Demonology {{SpecIcon|Destruction}}: Destruction
warrior} {{SpecIcon|Arms}}: Arms {{SpecIcon|Fury}}: Fury {{SpecIcon|Prot|Warrior}}: Protection (Warrior)
  • Custom-made icons for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Monk, but based on official graphics.
See also
  • {{Spec}} - for text link to spec/talent trees.
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