Inside the Temple of Five Dawns

The Temple of Five Dawns

[51.5, 46.5]

is located in the center of the Wandering Isle, serving as the cultural and religious center for the wandering pandaren. Roads lead in each cardinal direction to the various areas of the Isle. Mandori Village

[51.3, 51.1]

sits on its lower southern side, the Shrine of Five Dawns is on its lowest western side, and the Dawning Span on its top-most floor leads to the Ridge of Laughing Winds.


NPCs (phased in for final quest)



  • Once players complete Battle for the Skies, returning Dafeng to the Temple, an "Uplifting Draft" will be permanently available on the bottom floor. This lifts players to the top floor, where they can proceed to the Ridge of Laughing Winds and the adjacent subzones.
  • Mages can [Blink] through the stairs linking the temple to Mandori Village and get stuck until they blink out again.

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