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Teremus the Devourer is a massive black drake that patrols the Blasted Lands looking for particularly tasty-looking adventurers, and has been known to fly all the way to Stormwind in pursuit of a meal.


Teremus is an easy world boss and can be taken down without trouble by a balanced group of level 60 characters. It should take no more than 10 characters in blue-quality gear and 5 or fewer in epic-level gear.

Teremus is a pretty standard dragon. He has a flame breath, so face him away from the rest of the group. He is also immune to most DoTs, fire spells, and frost spells. Simply avoid using these abilities and DPS him down. He can be taunted.


  • A popular pastime was to kite Teremus to Stormwind or another city/town to grief fellow players. This is no longer possible because of the "leashing" mechanic.

    Teremus being kited to Stormwind City

  • Druids sometimes take up the challenge of soloing this guy, it does require them to shapeshift out and heal depending on their gear level.
  • Teremus may drop one or more of [Flawless Draenethyst Sphere] which can be turned in to Kum'isha the Collector for a chest containing a random rare item.
  • Can be easily soloed by almost any class 70+.

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