Thalassian Base Camp


Thalassian Base Camp[57, 25]

is located in northern Azshara, south of the Legash Encampment and east of Ursolan. It is a hill containing numerous small camps under control of hostile blood elves. They maybe or may not be affiliated with Kael'Thas, however the leader of their camp, Magus Rimtori recently made, and reneged a deal with the Horde to offer a share of the findings in exchange for funding of the expedition. Because of this betrayal, Horde players are being recruited to exact vengeance upon Magus Rimtori and her followers. While Rimtori is off exploring Azshara under the protection of her bodyguards, Magister Hawkhelm watches over the camp. The Kaldorei Tome of Summoning lies on one of the ridges of the base camp, and can be used to summon in demons. This is indicative of the expedition's true intentions.

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