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The Canals

This article is about the Stormwind City canals. For the Undercity canals, see Canals.

The Canals of Stormwind City are a series of waterways that wind their way through the city, separating each of its various districts. While these canals are mostly used for thoroughfare, they do house a few shops overlooking the marble pathways and docks, and it is a popular area for fishermen to spend time hauling small catches. The Canals also house the infamous Stockade.

The Canals are accessible from every single district in Stormwind, and is indeed quite hard to not cross at one point while staying in Stormwind.

Adventurers should be wary of falling in the canals, as there have been reports of a giant albino crocolisk roaming them.

Points of interest


Excludes the above areas.

Near the Stormwind Harbor
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Morris Lawry
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Boy.gif Brandon
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Boy.gif Justin
  • Alliance IconSmall Human Boy.gif Roman
Near the former Park
Near the The Stockade
Building next door to the Scribe of Stormwind
Dock near the Gallina Winery
Dock near the Denman Family Jewelers
Walking the canals around the Trade District

Patch changes

  • World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Redesign with new thoroughfares, new NPCs, and new shops

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