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The Drag

The Drag

[60, 45]

is the main road linking the Valley of Strength and the Valley of Wisdom. The Valley of Honor and the Cleft of Shadow can be accessed from the Drag. The street is known far and wide for its myriad assortment of vendors and profession trainers. Alchemists, herbalists, skinners, leatherworkers, and cooks can all receive training in this area.

The Drag received a redesign with the Cataclysm and is now more open-air, losing its former shade. A small pond can now be found near the entrance to the Cleft of Shadow with a dock.

Points of interest

First level
Second level


Excludes the above areas.

Building next to Droffers and Son Salvage
Ethereal building[57.8, 65.3]
across and down from Borstan's Firepit


Popular Culture

"The Drag" is a common name for streets that have numerous and various shops and places of interests, one notable "Drag" is in Downtown Austin Texas known as "The Drag" it is known for its numerous bars, clubs, restaurants, and discotheques.

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