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The Nightfallen are a faction of exiled Nightborne elves who refused to join the Burning Legion and were therefore expelled from Suramar City, to eventually become Withered. Led by First Arcanist Thalyssra, the Nightfallen seek to restore the balance of their race, fight for redemption, destroy the corruption of the burning legion, and oust the demon occupiers from Suramar City.

The Nightfallen faction is secretly based out of Shal'Aran, located just outside of Suramar City, underneath Meredil. However, the nightfallen also have a number of sympathizers who still reside within the city, as well as a complex teleportation network they use to undermine the current leadership of the city.

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Players are not able to begin working on reputation with the Nightfallen until they reach level 110 and head to Suramar. Completing Suramar storyline quests will take players into Friendly reputation. Players need to complete world quests within the Suramar zone, or the "Withered Army" Scenario, in order to continue increasing their reputation further.


The Nightfallen quartermaster, First Arcanist Thalyssra, can be found atop the central platform within Shal'Aran.

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