The area formally known as The Inferno

The Regrowth is phased into after completing a series of quests. This area replaces The Inferno and The Flamewake in Mount Hyjal. During the Firelands Invasion, the forces of Ragnaros seek to destroy what life has sprung back. Two groups of NPCs patrol the area, specifically to the south near the Sanctuary of Malorne and the road winding near Ashen Lake. Players may recognize the latter group if they have ever played a druid and required training.


Quest givers
Patrol (lake, during Firelands Invasion)
Patrol (south, during Firelands Invasion)
Mobs (south, during Firelands Invasion)
Mobs (north, during Firelands Invasion)
Mobs (road near Ashen Lake, during Firelands Invasion)


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