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"The Schools of Arcane Magic - Introduction" is a book in Dalaran which is related to the Higher Learning achievement. It can occasionally be found on the floor in the Violet Gate.

[56.4, 45.3]


The Schools of Arcane Magic - Introduction

<Penned by the skilled hand of Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver>

The wondrous gift of magic can be bent to many purposes. We the learned have found that it is easiest to divide the eldritch arts into eight different categories in order to further understand the fundamentals of magic itself. Each of these categories is known as a school of magic, for they are often learned separately and mages frequently choose to specialize in one type or another. Other mages attempt to master all forms of magic, but few have achieved this lofty goal. Within this tome we will discuss each individual school of magic and some of their notable practitioners.

All schools of magic can be combined to create formidable spells that utilize multiple sources of power. Some of these potent spells are discussed later in this series of books, but beware, combining multiple types of magic can be extremely dangerous - especially for beginners.

Here you will learn the basics of all schools of magic. Please remember that magic is not to be abused. Do not practice magic without the appropriate supervision.

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