The Seven were dark iron dwarves of great knowledge and power and the patriarchs of the Dark Iron nation. They were the dwarves who, along with Thaurissan, summoned Ragnaros the Firelord to Azeroth.

Though they died during the summoning and their people became enslaved by Ragnaros as a result, they seem to think that coming of the Firelord is a blessing.[1][2][3]

In alphabetic order (not the order you fight them), they are:

All of the mobs in the encounter are immune to curses. Also, the event is entirely on a timer. After a set amount of seconds, the next mob will release and aggro the first player it sees.

Upon their defeat, the Chest of The Seven appears and the door opens.


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  • Each name of The Seven is made of a word for a bad feeling (or part of the word) and the word "'rel".
Name Feeling Possible Disney equivalent
Anger'rel Anger Sleepy
Doom'rel Doom Doc
Dope'rel Dopeyness Dopey
Gloom'rel Gloom Happy
Hate'rel Hate Grumpy
Seeth'rel Seethe Sneezy
Vile'rel Vile Bashful