Theramore's Fall for the Horde Horde was the first scenario available that presaged the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Mists of Pandaria expansion and was available to level 85 characters for one week before the official expansion release (September 25, 2012) around September 18, 2012. On the release of the expansion, the scenario is only available to level 90 characters.

Horde players execute Garrosh's plan to sack Theramore.

Pre-expansion requirements



  • Stage 1: To the Waterline! - Rig powder barrels on all six ships.
  • Stage 2: The Blastmaster - Inform Blastmaster Sparkfuse of your success.
  • Stage 3: Gryphon, Down - Slay Baldruc and his gryphons.
  • Stage 4: Tanks for Nothing! - Destroy Big Bessa and sabotage any unmanned tanks.
  • Stage 5: Fly, Spy! - Slay Hedric Evencane and free Thalen Songweaver from Foothold Citadel.

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