Therazane's Throne

Therazane's Throne

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is located in the upper shelf of Deepholm, northeast of the Pale Roost and northwest of the Halcyon Egress. It is the seat of Therazane the Stonemother, ruler of Deepholm and mother to the Stone Lords.


After achieving Honored status with Therazane, the throne is occupied with various earth elementals; others are added as players progress further.

Quest givers


Upon first entering the Throne via quests, players are treated to a conversation Therazane is having with her Stone Lords, most of whom are arguing that she trust the "fleshling champion".

Therazane says: You stand here trying to convince me that these beings of flesh should be trusted.
Therazane says: They are the literal incarnation of corruption. Their very skin screams it.
Therazane says: They seek only power, as the Twilight do. Yet you are confident that they will not turn on us. Did I raise you to be fools?
Gorsik the Tumultuous says: I have no love for the intruders, Stonemother, but these fleshlings went well out of their way to cleanse the filth from the Crimson Expanse.
Gorsik the Tumultuous says: They are not the Twilight. I see no reason to oppose their goals.
Therazane says: They slaughtered stone troggs, Gorik? This is supposed to sway me? It is not much of a feat.
Felsen the Enduring says: I've not spoken with the strangers, but I bore witness to their champion treading into the Crumbling Depths and returning unscathed. It is clearly capable.
Terrath the Steady says: This champion also faced the Stone Dragons and their Broodmother with no glimpse of fear or hesitation. I've seen the most hardy of giants falter where the fleshlings did not.
Diamant the Patient says: You know where I stand, Stonemother.
Diamant the Patient says: This champion has proved intent and capable.
Diamant the Patient says: I see no reason to deny our trust.
Therazane says: What of you Boden? What do you see in this "champion?"
Boden the Imposing says: It's not bravery that drives it. It strode before me like it thought this place its home. It is a fool. It will surely get itself killed soon enough.
Therazane says: That very well may be. Even fools have uses though. I keep you around after all.


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