Tidefury Cove

Loading screen from Warcraft III.

Overhead view

Tidefury Cove is located at the end of Dustwallow Bay, south of Theramore Isle and off the coast of the Wyrmbog in the contested territory of Dustwallow Marsh. It is dotted with small islands and reefs, and is a perilous place to steer one's ships. Two ships are currently found broken upon the shallows here, now riddled with roaming makrura. The famous fisherman Nat Pagle also makes his home on Nat's Landing, one of the cove's many islets.


Shortly after the Third War, Grand Admiral Daelin Proudmoore decided that the new Horde is not to be trusted and constantly harassed them despite the peace treaty. With the strategic and diplomatic efforts of Rexxar, the forces of the Horde retaliated against Proudmore's fleet here in Tidefury Cove. The horde offensive was able to decimate one-tenth of Proudmoore's fleet. Daelin Proudmoore himself was able to flee to his daughter's stronghold of Theramore Isle where he made his last stand.[1] (W3X Orc 2)

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