Tides' Hollow

Tides' Hollow is a damp cave occupied by the Wrathscale naga who also occupy the nearby Wrathscale Point ruins. Their lord is said to be located deep within the hollow. Belying its deceptively small opening, the cave stretches deep within the earth and is very wide in most places. The interior is filled with ruined night elf relics and columns, which suggests that a night elven settlement was once located here.


According to Priestess Kyleen Il'dinare at Odesyus' Landing, Tides' Hollow and the surrounding ruins were once part of a night elven city. It is unknown why the night elves departed, but the naga took over the ruins and cave system. The priestess, unlike her fellow travelers, sees the crashing of Admiral Odesyus and his fleet as a fortuitous event and she enlists the aid of adventurers in reclaiming the ruins and halting a potential naga invasion of the Isle.

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