The Tidus Stair

A half-days travel south of Ratchet, near the small fishing village of Tidus, lies an interesting rock formation on the coast of the Barrens. The Tidus Stairs have the form of several terraces forming a giant set of ancient stone stairs overlooking part of the Merchant Coast. The steps extend from the beach and vanish beneath the waves. Local legend says that they descend to a Kaldorei city that fell into the ocean after the collapse of the Well of Eternity. Adults and children of the village dive down as deep as they can manage, but thus far none have found anything but a continuing staircase.[1] (WRPG 192)

On the Stairs, a pair of female tauren shamans sit and fish and converse with Water spirits. These are named Islen Waterseer and Mahren Skyseer.

It is unknown who, or what, Tidus was - could be a local water deity, or a water elemental (name derived from the word "Tide").

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