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Tier 12 armor drops from bosses in the Firelands.


Each set consists of five pieces. Tier 12 has one rank:

  • Normal Tier 12 set pieces (item level 378), are purchasable using  Valor Points and Tokens from class vendors.

Tier 12/cost table


Like tier 11, each class has its own set of tier 12, and classes with multiple roles (such as those of a: caster, healer, melee, ranged or tank) have a set for each role.

Class Normal - ilvl 378 Role
Death Knight Death Knight Elementium Deathplate Battlegear Melee
Elementium Deathplate Battlearmor Tank
Druid Druid Obsidian Arborweave Vestments Healer (restoration)
Obsidian Arborweave Battlegarb Tank/melee (feral)
Obsidian Arborweave Regalia Caster (balance)
Hunter Hunter Flamewaker's Battlegear Ranged
Mage Mage Firehawk Robes of Conflagration Caster
Paladin Paladin Regalia of Immolation Healer (holy)
Battlearmor of Immolation Tank (protection)
Battleplate of Immolation Melee (retribution)
Priest Priest Regalia of the Cleansing Flame Caster
Vestments of the Cleansing Flame Healer
Rogue Rogue Vestments of the Dark Phoenix Melee
Shaman Shaman Volcanic Vestments Healer (restoration)
Volcanic Battlegear Melee (enhancement)
Volcanic Regalia Caster (elemental)
Warlock Warlock Balespider's Burning Vestments Caster
Warrior Warrior Molten Giant Warplate Melee
Molten Giant Battleplate Tank


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Death knight Druid
Tier 12 Death Knight Armor.png Tier 12 Druid Armor.png
Hunter Mage
Tier 12 Hunter Armor.png Tier 12 Mage Armor.png
Paladin Priest
Tier 12 Paladin Armor.png Tier 12 Priest Armor.png
Rogue Shaman
Tier 12 Rogue Armor.png Tier 12 Shaman Armor.png
Warlock Warrior
Tier 12 Warlock Armor.png Tier 12 Warrior Armor.png

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