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Tikbalangs are creatures mentioned only by the text of the amulet vendor Griftah's Infallible Tikbalang Ward. It can be assumed from the text that one would want to avoid a Tikbalang.

From VonKaiser, leading Tikbalang-ologist:

From an in-depth analysis of the Tikbalang warding amulet, it would appear that the Tikbalang have a tendency to take people of interest to them and relocate them to the tops of trees. This indicates a flying and/or bird-like origin, which could also mean they are relatives of the Arakkoa. The amulet also alludes to the Tikbalang finding you before being able to relocate you, thus insinuating that the Tikbalang may have trouble seeing or use some special process for discovering or searching for relocation targets.
The amulet has a parting statement: It Really Works! I see this as evidence to other non-working models of the Tikbalang ward or maybe it is just extremely difficult to ward off a Tikbalang.

From the Wikipedia article on Tikbalang:

[The Tikbalang] is a folkloric monster said to lurk in the mountains and forests of the Philippines. It is generally described as a tall, bony humanoid creature with disproportionately long limbs, to the point that its knees reach above its head when it squats down. It has the head and sometimes feet of an animal, most commonly a horse. It is sometimes believed to be a transformation of an aborted fetus which has been sent to earth from limbo.

It is not certain how this applies to the Warcraft Tikbalang. The Wikipedia article does includes a few tips on how to ward off or tame this elusive beast:

  • Wear your shirt inside out
  • While traversing the forest, ask loudly for permission to pass through
  • Assure the beast that you will not be noisy and disturb it.
  • Craft an amulet out of one of the sharp spines found in the creature's mane, jump on it, and ride it like a bull until it submits to you.

These may or may not apply to the Warcraft incarnation of this creature.

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