Bridge that conects Tol Barad with Tol Barad Peninsula

Tol Barad Peninsula is really a series of bridge connected islands to the north of the world PvP zone of Tol Barad. It acts as the daily quest hub area for Tol Barad. In-game, it is considered a sub-zone of the Maelstrom continental region, although it historically should be closer to the western coast of the Eastern Kingdoms.


Baradin Base Camp

  • N [85 DailyCannonball!
  • A [85 DailyFinish the Job
  • A [85 DailyLeave No Weapon Behind
  • A [85 DailySalvaging the Remains
  • A [85 DailyTeach A Man to Fish... Or Steal
  • A [85 Weekly PvPVictory in Tol Barad
  • A [85 DailyWatch Out For Splinters!

Hellscream's Grasp


Baradin Base Camp

Hellscream's Grasp


The mobs here are level 84-85

Largo's Overlook

  • Cursed Stallion
  • Commander Largo
  • Ghastly Worker
  • Overlook Spirit

Rustberg Village

  • Apprehensive Worker
  • Suspicious Villager
  • Rustberg Fisherman

The Darkwood


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