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Deep beneath the crumbling tombstones of Duskwood’s Raven Hill Cemetery, a dark and mysterious power is emerging. Drawing strength from the blackest night and fiercely jealous of the sighted, a once-devoted follower of Leotheras the Blind is spreading his shadowy tendrils across the land. Heroes of Azeroth must delve into his pitch black lair to face Omgsogoth, Dark Lord of Twilight, before the world is plunged into eternal night.

Making use of cutting-edge Deep Dark® technology, the Tomb of Immortal Darkness is a new five-player normal and heroic dungeon that will be introduced in patch 4.1.11. Three new bosses, with unique features and mechanics, will put your group to the test: Omgsogoth, Dark Lord of Twilight; the maniacal Twisted Spiral Fool; and Duc Ulah, The Winged Keeper. Featuring new daily quests, updated monster models, and all-new unique loot, you’ll find you really can’t believe your eyes…

Face your greatest fears in the paralysing dark of the Tomb. Tremble as you stumble blindly towards Omgsogoth’s chamber. Panic at the claustrophobic atmosphere, and feel terror cloud your senses. Will you find your way, or will you be lost, never to return?


Convicted criminal Dean Weasel thrives in pitch black, and offers brave adventurers exciting opportunities within the Tomb of Immortal Darkness.

Convince a kobold from the Tomb to part with his incredibly rare Kobold Candle, or pry one from his lifeless corpse, and Dean Weasel will be more than happy to reward your heroic efforts!


  • 10 Achievement pointFifth Sense: Advance through all 12 phases of the Twisted Spiral Fool encounter with your game sound disabled.
  • 10 Achievement pointThe X-Wing Factor: Defeat Duc Ulah, The Winged Keeper by only hitting him in the face.
  • 10 Achievement pointCall Me Dark Durmock: Navigate the Tomb of Immortal Darkness without bumping into any walls or using the in-game map.
  • 10 Achievement pointFirst Come, First Served: Complete the Tomb of Immortal Darkness in less than 30 minutes, with only your tank pulling.
  • 10 Achievement pointIf You Can't Beat 'Em, Join 'Em!: Kill every member of your group while mind-controlled by Omgsogoth, Dark Lord of Twilight.




Blizzard comments
  • "We’re always looking for new ways to challenge players. With our revolutionary Deep Dark® technology, we’ll be able to reach new highs of creepy realism."
  • "Now this dungeon is finally seeing the light of day, we’re happy that all the hours we spent on it were worthwhile—over 9,000 on the ‘tab targeting’ system alone!"

Patch changes

  • Patch 4.1.11: Projected addition.

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