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Snipped from in May 2006:

About TraceEvent

TraceEvent collects function call counts, calls/second, peak calls/second and average per-call memory usage of Lua global functions. The original release was designed to trace all OnEvent functions, but v1.2 allows you to specify functions by name or pattern. V1.3 now allows tracing of OO methods.

TraceEvent displays the following information:

  • Total: Total number of function calls (since the last reset).
  • CPS: Calls Per Second. CPS tracks a sliding three second window of event activity. If function calls stop completely, it will slowly decay (the window will grow larger than three seconds). If the window is not at least 0.5 seconds wide, the normal frequency calculation is not used and CPS is simply the call count.
  • PCPS: Peak Calls Per Second (since the last reset). This is simply the maximum CPS since the last reset. PCPS can be used for figuring out worst case latency (which often happens during combat).
  • Mem: Average memory allocated per call (since the last reset): The GC system only reports memory usage in 1KB chunks, so this number will not be accurate until a large sample is collected. It should be used more of an indicator of GC pressure rather than an absolute byte count of memory usage.


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