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For the Warcraft III unit, see Troll Berserker (Warcraft III).
For berserkers as a whole, see Berserker.

Troll berserkers are a bloodthirsty sect of trolls dedicated to the total annihilation of their hated enemies, the elves. Suffering numerous experiments with strange chemicals and potions by the goblin alchemists, the berserkers have had many strange abilities bestowed upon them that make them all but unstoppable in the heat of battle. Berserkers are hardier and stronger than most trolls, effectively transforming them into a veritable whirling cyclone of death and destruction.[1]

Jungle troll berserkers hail from the same ranks as the headhunters. These veteran soldiers, however, learn to channel their rage to become even more fearsome in combat. Troll berserkers often lead small bands of headhunters against the enemy, setting up ambushes or performing devastating raids against their foes. In battle, these elite combatants are even more fearsome than the dreadful headhunters. Many scars mark the light-blue skin of this battle-hardened troll. A chain shirt of dark gray covers his muscular torso. The warrior carries several spears, which stick out from a specially designed quiver strapped upon his back. Expert at throwing spears, berserkers enjoy attacking their foes from afar before charging into the fray. Whenever they can, they rage and spend several rounds throwing projectiles, targeting the least armored foes and any known spellcaster first. Then they charge into melee with their last spears in hand, focusing the bulk of their attacks on the most heavily wounded opponents in order to drop as many of them in as short a time as possible. One of the troll berserkers' favorite tactics is to hide in the undergrowth and catch their enemies by surpise. When a berserker works with a band of headhunters or other berserkers, they carefullly prepare lethal ambushes.[2]

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos This section concerns content exclusive to Warcraft III.

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Troll berserkers are an upgrade that upgrades all troll headhunters into more muscled, more powerful units. They look similar except berserkers are bigger, taller and wears a strange facial makeup. The upgrade also gives them an ability that increases their attack power and lowers their defense for a short amount of time.

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