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Night Elf male wearing the Tunic of Westfall

The Tunic of Westfall is a leather chest protector that add bonuses to agility and stamina. Its high stat bonuses make it useful for a long period of time, usually beyond level 30.


Please note: the Tunic of Westfall is no longer available within the game due to changes made within the Cataclysm expansion.

The Tunic of Westfall is a quest reward from the Alliance quest The Defias Brotherhood (7) which starts with Gryan Stoutmantle at Sentinel Hill in Westfall. To complete the quest, you must turn the following items to Gryan Stoutmantle:


  • Most people regard this as the best choice for 19 Rogue Twink chest armor. The only other contender is [Blackened Defias Armor].
  • This is a good replacement for druids unable to get [Armor of the Fang].
  • Manny would also say this is a perfect chest for 19 hunters, since they do not take as much damage in combat as the melee classes do.

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