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This article concerns the lore and philosophy of Tushui. For the faction, see Tushui Pandaren.
Alliance Pandaren

Tushui is the philosophy espoused by Aysa Cloudsinger, the leader of the Tushui Pandaren faction and the counterpart to Ji Firepaw and the more impulsive Huojin philosophy. Its adherents believe in contemplation and reasoned action.

The Alliance Pandaren Tushui have become affiliated with the Alliance Alliance.


This scroll is found inside the temple of the Shang Xi Training Grounds[58.7, 17.9]

on the Wandering Isle.

Path of the Tushui

"Discipline is not a war that is won. It is a battle, constantly fought." - Master Feng

The way of the Tushui is one of a principled life. Followers of this discipline believe there is a moral certainty to the world: one correct path of right and wrong.

These values are immutable, and must be preserved no matter what the cost, even if it means self-sacrifice, or painful losses in the pursuit of a higher ideal.


  • "Tushui" (土水) means "soil and water" (or "earth and water") in Chinese.[1]


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