This article is about the city of Tuurem. For the group of Lost Ones, see Tuurem (Lost Ones).


Tuurem is a former draenei city in Terokkar Forest's northern reaches.


It was one of the first draenei cities overrun by the orcs before the first opening of the Dark Portal.[1]

Now it's inhabited by hostile mutated draenei: the Wrekt broken and the Tuurem Lost Ones. It is here where they sent a Broken suicide bomber to blow up Cenarion Thicket, a Cenarion Expedition outpost closeby. The Broken and Lost Ones of Tuurem are allied with Kael'thas's Firewing blood elves of Firewing Point.[2][3] The broken Empoor, a traveling salesman, delivered the ingredients[4] for the bomb[5] from Shattrath City to Tuurem to make the explosive device.[6] In Tuurem there are some Firewing blood elves that take the parts of the bombs to Firewing Point.[7]


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