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Twin Spire Ruins

Twin Spire Ruins are the remains of a holy draenei site in Zangarmarsh now contested by the Alliance and Horde. Two towers flank a burial ground, with the towers being capturable. When both towers are captured by a faction, their battle standards are carried forth and placed in the graveyard, giving complete control. Before the Orc Corruption, they were lighthouses for draenei ships. ( )

Capturing the towers (beacons)

The towers (Blizzard calls them "Beacons") use the standard capture system seen throughout the game (in such places as the Eastern Plaguelands and in Terokkar Forest). A bar is shown when inside the tower, with the pointer moving toward whichever faction has the most players within the tower.

In the World of Warcraft: Trading Card Game.

Capturing the graveyard (central tower)

When both towers are under your faction's control, the Field Scout of your respective faction will hand out a Battle Standard, which can then be placed in the graveyard (Blizzard calls this the "Central Tower"), capturing it for your faction. There is no longer a restriction of not being able to mount while holding the flag. Aspect of the Pack and other speed enhancing skills, including a druid's ground-based shape-shifts, will not cause you to lose the flag either.

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