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This is the main reference for useful custom WoW Macros. See also User defined macros in Snippets and the useful Class macros in the 'nav bar' to the right. See also Classic WoW Useful macros (1.0).

Note: for new macros -- put candidates in the "New macros" section below here. Should be moved to a more specific section in "General macros", or place on a class specific macro page, after others verify they work as intended. Old Macros here can be moved and retired to the "Old macros" section when days are done or replaced.

Formatting Macros

Note: Commands for some of the older macros have been modified significantly. Where possible, please validate and mark with last working patch or version number.

When editing a macro on the Wiki please:

  • name it, describe what it does, and use a 'space' before each command for the 'code box'
  • note the version of WoW that you tested it in
  • if moving from another page, remove it from the old page
  • follow this Macro formatting example:
==== Macro Name ====
 /y Hooray, I made a macro!
* Use: This yells, "Hooray, I made a macro!"
* Works in 5.4.2
which creates:

Macro Name

/y Hooray, I made a macro!
  • Use: This yells, "Hooray, I made a macro!"
  • Works in 5.4.2

New Macros

Place new macros here by editing this section.

Burst Macro for Protection [PvP]

#showtooltip Recklessness
/cast Recklessness
/cast Inner Rage
/cast Shield Block(Defensive Stance)
/use <damage trinket>
  • Use: I find this macro useful when you need to deal heavy damage to a player, (You need 100 Rage to do this properly!!!). Remember to put in the "(Defensive Stance)" after Shield Block or WoW will be confused as to what you are looking for.
  • Credit: Mälkiyore-Chambers of Aspects.
  • Works in 4.3

Fury Burst Macro [PvP]

#showtooltip Recklessness
/cast Recklessness
/cast Death Wish
/cast Inner Rage
/use <damage trinket>
  • Use: just like the protection, one but will do MUCH more damage as you have +10% damage from being in berserker stance. Again you must have 100 rage to do this properly.
  • Credit: Mälkiyore-Chambers of Aspects.
  • Works in 4.3

Fury Charge Macro [PvP/PvE]

#showtooltip Charge
/equipslot 16 "Your Main hand/Main 2 Hander"
/equipslot 17 "Your Offhand/Off 2 hander"
/cast [nocombat,stance:1] Charge; [combat,stance:3] Intercept; [nocombat,nostance:1] Battle Stance; [combat,nostance:3] Berserker Stance
/cast Hamstring
  • Use: If you are not in combat , It will switch you into battle stance. If you are IN combat it will put you into Berserker Stance. If you are in Battle Stance and not in combat when you select a target for this to be used on, It will cast charge (then press it again) and put you into Berserker Stance. When you are IN combat and IN berserker Stance, It will do Intercept. It will apply hamstring once that is done (remember that Charge and Intercept are off the global cooldown!, Be careful if you are going to spam it as it MAY use CHARGE and INTERCEPT togeather!)
  • Notes: This macro is a charge macro just like the one in the Old Macro section, However it is a bit more complicated.
  • Credit: Mälkiyore-Chambers of Aspects.
  • Works in 4.3

Fury Spell Reflection

/cast Spell Reflection
/equipslot 17 3 4
  • Use: while using 2 of the same weapons same enchants. Because both of your weapons have the same name you can't make a simple macro by using the name, because it has the same ID thanks to both of your enchants you can't use the item ID either, what i wanted to try is to create a simple macro that allows you to quickly switch your offhand weapon, in my case my 2nd Apolyon, to a shield, cast spell reflect, and switch it quickly back again.
  • Credit: Aikanàro- Bronze Dragonflight.
  • Works in 5.0.5

I have spent a few hours trying several things because i have 2 of the same weapons, eventualy i found out it is actualy pretty simple and wondered why i didn't think of this earlyer. I had alot of help through wowwiki so i thought i'd add my creation. the macro is as following:

Because spell reflection is a /cast it doesn't really matter if you put it as first or 2nd line, a /cast wil go first anyway, so the first time you click this macro, it wil say that you can't cast spell reflect because you don't have a shield equiped. the 2nd line tells you that it Equips an item from your 3th bag, 4th slot, to your 17th armor slot, where my shield is placed.

The [3 4] stands for 3th bag, 4th slot, this you can change to whatever you like, check the /equipslot page on wowwiki for better explanation of this, it Equips the shield, does not unequip your offhand wich means only your Auto Attack wil reset, this results in a global cd. Spell Reflection is not on GCD wich means you can click this macro 2x Quickly

Clicking this macro 2x wil Switch your offhand sword to your shield wich you placed in said bagslot, cast spell reflect, and switch your offhand weapon back.Spell Reflection is a 5 second buff, wich means when you click it 2 times, you wil have the buff, and your offhand weapon back in your hand. The GCD can be annoying but Heroic Strike and Cleave can be used during a Gcd, so using this in combination with heroic strike means that you wont lose time, or dmg while casting spell reflect, perhaps an auto attack less.

Trying to Swap and item for an item through macro While in Combat wil result into a bugged item, either your sword or your shield. this is why i had so much trouble creating this macro. this item Equips one item in a certain spot, the item you are holding is never mentioned and thus wil not 'bug' out.

General macros

Categorized list of generally useful custom macros.

Heroic Throw + Charge

/cast Heroic Throw
/cast Charge
  • Use: This is a macro that puts in a little damage before charging...useful for PvP and PvE.
  • Note: You can add some things to this....Try to mess around with it if you want to make it better!

Determine current map coordinates

/run px,py=GetPlayerMapPosition("player"); DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(format("You are at: %s (%0.1f, %0.1f)",GetZoneText(),px*100,py*100));
  • Use: This macro will display in your chat frame your current map coordinates with one decimal place precision. "You are at:" is flavor text.

Swapping Talents, Equipment and Stances

Swap Current Dual-Spec

/run if( GetActiveTalentGroup() == 1 ) then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Spec1...");SetActiveTalentGroup(2) else DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Spec2...");SetActiveTalentGroup(1) end
/in 6 /equipset [spec:2]Eq1;Eq2
  • Credit: Earthsoul of Thunderhorn, many thanks to Desiday of Antonidas for inspiration
  • Use: "Quickly" swaps your Primary/Secondary talent specs.
  • Note: Also changes your equipped item set, only need to change the name of Eq1 and Eq2
  • Requires: Libraries such as Ace or Chronos, that supply '/in' as a command, and will not work without.
  • Works in 3.1.1

Swap Set then Spec

/equipset [spec:1] PSS ; SSS
/usetalents [spec:1] 2; [spec:2] 1
  • Use: Here is one that switches the set before the spec (may avoid some errors).
  • Note: Just have to replace PSS with the name of your primary spec set, and SSS with the name of your secondary spec set.

Swap Equipment and Stance

/equipset [spec:1] <Secondary Set Name>; <Primary Set Name> 
/cast [spec:1] <Secondary Stance>; <Primary Stance> 
/usetalents [spec:1] 2; 1
  • Use: This macro will switch your talent spec and put you into the respective gear and stance.

Swap Equipment and Stance 2

#show [spec:1] <Secondary Stance>; [spec:2] <Primary Stance> 
/usetalents [button:1,spec:1] 2; [button:1,spec:2] 1 
/equipset [button:2,spec:1] <Primary Set Name>; [button:2,spec:2] <Secondary Set Name> 
/cast [spec:1] <Primary Stance>; [spec:2] <Secondary Stance>
  • Use: Here is an alternate version for fury warriors that cannot use the above macro due to Titan's Grip.
  • Note: Left click swaps the talent spec, right click swaps gear and stance.

 One Button Spec, Stance, Equipment

/cast [stance:3] Defensive Stance; [Stance:1] Berserker Stance
/usetalents [spec:1] 2; [spec:2] 1
/in 5.30 /equipset [spec:1] Tank ; DPS
  • Use: A one button spec, stance and equipment interchanger, caters for Furry Warriors Titan's Grip

Offhand Weapon Switching

#showtooltip [mod] 0 16; 17
/equipslot 17 0 16
  • Use: manage off-hand weapons
  • Note: You might find yourself in a situation where you have two offhand weapons with the same name but different poisons on them and you want to switch between them quickly. Or perhaps you just want to alternate between two offhand weapons with just one hotkey.
  • Keep your alternate dagger in the sixteenth slot (lower right corner) of your main (rightmost) backpack.
  • The number 17 refers to your offhand weapon slot. #showtooltip makes the macro's icon and tooltip display the icon of the equipped weapon, or hold down a modifier key (say Alt) and it will display the icon of the weapon that's ready to be switched in.
  • Works in 3.2.2

Suppressing Sound and Error Messages

No Error Text or Sound (Improved)

/run sfx=GetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX");
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/cast ExampleTrinket1
/cast ExampleSpell2
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear() 
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX",sfx); 
  • Credit: Xaeros of Shadowmoon
  • Use: Replace "ExampleTrinket1" and "ExampleSpell2" with your cd(s) and abilities, then drag to your bar like a normal macro.
  • Note: For people that macro cd's into normal spells, such as petattacks, trinkets, everlasting potions, etc. it gets annoying being spammed with "This ability is not ready" and that fun error sound. I've seen a common solution online (similar to the macro above) that fixes this problem with a single issue that's almost as bad as the problem it's fixing.
  • For people who play without sound to begin with, these macro will -enable your sound- every time you use them. So here is my solution. The overall effect is the same, but my macro checks to see what you sound currently is set to (enabled or disabled), disables it for the error, and then sets it back where you had it. (ex: if your sound was already off, it will prevent the text error without turning your sound on at the end)
  • Works in 3.3.3a

No Error Text or Sound (Improved Again)

#showtooltip ExampleSpell1
/run sfx=GetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX");
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/use ExampleTrinket2
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear() 
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX",sfx);
/cast ExampleSpell1
  • Credit: Vandalite of Feathermoon, and Xaeros of Shadowmoon for the macro this was based on.
  • Use: Replace "ExampleTrinket2" and "ExampleSpell1" With your cooldowns and abilities, then drag to your bar like a normal macro.
  • Note: This is just like the one above but with an added tooltip that matches the original skill, and doesn't disable sound for the skill's error messages. Sound and error messages for the trinket use are still suppressed though. If you set the name of the macro to a blank space, you can't even tell it's a macro. This one is designed more for trinket use than anything else, but it's here for when you only want to silence one of the two skills this macro uses
  • If you're running low on characters and you're using this for a trinket, you can replace the use command with "use 13" (for upper trinket) or "use 14" (for lower trinket).
  • Works in 4.2

Training and Leveling

Tank check avoid, dist to def-cap

Tanks: Check unhittability, avoidance, and dist to hard-defcap

/run local b,d,p,r,a=GetBlockChance(),GetDodgeChance(),GetParryChance(),GetCombatRating(CR_DEFENSE_SKILL) a=1/(.0625+.956/(r/122.9625)) ChatFrame1:AddMessage(format("Unhittable: %.2f%%  Avoidance: %.2f%%  Defense %+.0f rating",b+d+p+5+a,d+p+5+a,r-689))
  • Use: Check unhittability and avoidance (+ how far away hard-defcap).

Trading, Bags and Money

Print money & currency to chat

Print Money and Currencies to Chat Frame

/script local cu = GetMoney(); print(GetCoinTextureString(cu,"12"))
/stopmacro [btn:1]
/script yy = GetNumWatchedTokens(); for xx = 1, yy,1 do aa, bb, cc, dd, ee = GetBackpackCurrencyInfo(xx); print(bb, aa) end
  • Left click to display your total money in the chat window.
  • Click any other way to display your money and all your watched currencies.
  • Works in 3.3.2

Sell all grey items

/run local c,i,n,v=0;for b=0,4 do for s=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b)do i={GetContainerItemInfo(b,s)}n=i[7]if n and string.find(n,"9d9d9d")then v={GetItemInfo(n)}q=i[2]c=c+v[11]*q;UseContainerItem(b,s)print(n,q)end;end;end;print(GetCoinText(c))
  • Use: sells all grey items, shows what was sold and how much money was made from selling
  • Works in 4.0.3a

Destroy all grey items

/run local i,n=0;for b=0,4 do for s=1,GetContainerNumSlots(b) do ClearCursor();i={GetContainerItemInfo(b,s)};n=i[7];if n and string.find(n,"9d9d9d") then PickupContainerItem(b,s); DeleteCursorItem() end end end
  • Use: destroy all grey items without confirmation
  • Works in 4.0.6

Item Link

/run local s={"10000"} for i=1,#s do DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124c00ffffff\Item Link: \124c00FF0033\124Hitem:"..s[i]..":0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0\124h[ID: "..s[i].."]\124h\124r\124c00ffffff - Click ID for item info.")end
  • Use: Displays an item link in the default chat frame.
  • Replace "10000" with the desired item ID #.
  • Works in 3.3.2

Spell Link

/run local s={"10000"} for i=1,#s do DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("\124c00ffffff\Spell Link: \124c00ff0033\[ID: "..s[i].."] \124c00ffffff\- "..GetSpellLink(""..s[i])..".")end
  • Use: Displays a spell link in the default chat frame.
  • Replace "10000" with the desired spell ID #.
  • Works in 3.3.2


Link professions in trade

Link your professions in the trade channel

Link a single profession

/script CastSpellByName(#prof#);SendChatMessage("I'll create items against mats, look out: "..GetTradeSkillListLink(),"CHANNEL",nil,GetChannelName("Trade - City"));CloseTradeSkill();

This macro sends a link with your Profession recipes to a Channel.

Replace #prof# with your profession. If your Profession is Engineering, then write:

/script CastSpellByName("Engineering");SendChatMessage("I'll create items against mats, look out: "..GetTradeSkillListLink(),"CHANNEL",nil,GetChannelName("Trade - City"));CloseTradeSkill();

Link two professions

One button to link both of your professions to trade chat and guild chat. Just replace "Inscription" and "Enchanting" with your two professions. Also, trade chat is not necessarily always your number 2 channel. Make sure you check it and adjust accordingly. Replace channel with guild to link it to your guild, or raid to link to raid chat.

/cast Inscription
/run SendChatMessage("Free with your mats "..GetTradeSkillListLink(), "channel", nil, "2")
/cast Enchanting
/run SendChatMessage(GetTradeSkillListLink().." I'll even give you 5g if I skill up!", "channel", nil, "2") CloseTradeSkill()

One-button disenchant/mill/prospect

One-Button Disenchant/Milling/Prospecting

/use [nomod] Disenchant; [mod:alt] Milling;

You can of course change the order, skill and modifier to suit your needs

AIO Profession Button

#showtooltip [nomod] Enchanting; [mod:alt] Inscription; [mod:ctrl] Cooking;[mod:shift] First Aid;
 /use [nomod] Enchanting; [mod:alt] Inscription; [mod:ctrl] Cooking; [mod:shift] First Aid;

You can of course change the order, skill and modifier to suit your needs


Fishing w/ weather-beaten fishing hat

Fishing with your Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat

#showtooltip fishing
/equip Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat;
/equip Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole;
/use Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/cast fishing
  • This macro will equip your fishing pole and Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, attach lure and start fishing just by repeatedly clicking the button. One-button fishing never was easier.
    • Change the name of your fishing pole if you are not exalted with the Tuskar yet.
  • Works in 4.3.4

Fishing equipset w/ error supp

Fishing using Equipset with Error Sound/Text suppression

#showtooltip fishing
/run sfx=GetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX");
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/equipset [noequipped:Fishing Pole, nomod] Fish!;
/use 1
/use [equipped:Fishing Pole, nomod] Fishing
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/run SetCVar("Sound_EnableSFX",sfx);
  • Use: Equips fishing gear, uses item in head slot, and casts Fishing but suppresses error text/sound and ignores Equipset soundFX on repeated execution while allowing normal fishing soundFX.
  • This macro will equip a set named "Fish!".
  • You must create the equipment set, which can include all your fishing gear, especially Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat.
  • If you want to use a name other than "Fish!", choose a set name that is 11 characters or less (255 limit).
  • Drag the new macro button to an available slot and click to cast your line.
  • Works in 5.0.4

Equip Set With Find Fish Toggle

/equipset [equipped:Fishing Poles] 1; Fishing
/run SetTracking(1,false)
/stopmacro [equipped:Fishing Poles]
/run SetTracking(1,true)
  • Equips your "Fishing" set if you don't have a pole equipped and enables fish tracking, or equips set 1 if you do have a pole equipped and disables Find Fish.
  • The tracking toggle is set up for the first item in the tracking drop down menu. If Find Fish is the 2nd or 3rd item on the drop down, you will need to change the 1, to 2 or 3.
  • Useful if you're a miner/herbalist and you don't want to confuse fish with Firebloom.
  • Works with v4.0.3

Modifier Swap

/cast [nomod] Fishing
/equip [noequipped:Fishing Poles, mod] Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000
/equip [equipped:Fishing Poles, mod] Titansteel Guardian
/equip [equipped:Fishing Poles, mod] Matriarch's Spawn
  • Credit: Xaeros of Shadowmoon
  • Use:(Make sure to replace the fishing pole/weapons with your own)
    • On click, you will attempt to cast fishing.
    • On mod+click you will switch between your fishing pole and your weapon(s).
  • Works in 3.3.3a

Set Swap

/equipset [noequipped:Fishing Pole, mod] Fishing; [noequipped:Fishing Pole, nomod, spec:1] [mod, spec:1] Set1; [noequipped:Fishing Pole, nomod, spec:2] [mod, spec:2] Set2
/use [equipped:Fishing Pole, nomod] Fishing
  • Uses the Blizzard Equipment Manager
    • Requires one set called Fishing that contains your fishing pole and any equipment you want to wear while fishing (fishing hat, gloves or similar) and two sets that fit your specs (replace Set1 and Set2 with your names)

If your fishing set is equipped, click will cast Fishing, mod-click will equip the set fitting your current spec. Otherwise, mod-click will equip your fishing set, normal click will equip the spec-relevant set.

Alternate version for toons with just one spec or equipment set:

/equipset [noequipped:Fishing Pole, mod] Fishing;  [noequipped:Fishing Pole, nomod] [mod] Set1
/use [equipped:Fishing Pole, nomod] Fishing

Auto equip manager fishing

Automated Equipment Manager Fishing & Lure Macro

/equipset [noequipped:Fishing Poles, nomod] Fishing
/cast [equipped:Fishing Poles, nomod] Fishing
/use [mod:shift] Bright Baubles
/use [mod:shift] 16
/equipset [mod:alt] Normal
/equipset [mod:ctrl] DPS
  • Credit: Taurolyon of Sargeras-US --Taurolyon (talk) 15:53, October 14, 2009 (UTC)
  • To use:
  1. Create a Fishing outfit in your equipment manager (or if you use the Outfitter Addon, save the outfit to server)
    • Outfit must be named Fishing
  1. Create a Normal outfit for your primary spec
  2. Create a DPS outfit for your secondary spec (or remove the last line in the macro if you only have one set of gear/spec)
  • If you don't have your fishing pole equipped, it will automatically equip your "Fishing" outfit from your equipment manager
  • Clicking on this macro after your fishing pole is equipped, will automatically cast your line and start fishing.
  • Shift-Clicking on this macro will apply a lure to your equipped fishing pole (Change Bright Baubles to any lure you'd like. I.E. Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat)
  • Alt-Clicking on this macro will equip your Normal set of gear.
  • Ctrl-Clicking on this macro will equip your DPS set of gear.

Binding this macro to a button on your mouse will allow for easy one handed casting and reeling. --Taurolyon (talk) 15:53, October 14, 2009 (UTC)

Multi Gathering Macro

/cast [nomodifier] <Mount of your choice>
/cast [modifier:ctrl] Find Minerals
/cast [modifier:shift] Find Herbs
/cast [modifier:alt] Smelting

Can of course be modified to your liking and professions

  • Not holding down a button: Will summon a mount of your choice (Note:<Mount of your choice> has to be swapped with a mount in your possession).
  • Holding down ctrl: Will make mining nodes appear on your minimap.
  • Holding down shift: Will make herb nodes appear on your minimap.
  • Holding down alt: Will show the Smelting pane, where you can smelt your ore bars.

Enchant to Vellum Macro

/run DoTradeSkill(GetTradeSkillSelectionIndex());
/run for i=0,4,1 do for l=1,GetContainerNumSlots(i),1 do if GetContainerItemID(i,l)==38682 then UseContainerItem(i,l);end;end;end;
/run ReplaceEnchant();
/run ClearCursor();
  • To Use:
  1. Open Enchanting Skill
  2. Select Enchantment in skill panel to apply
  3. Have Enchanting Vellum in your inventory
  4. Press macro
  • Credit: Ajudication of Terokkar-US

Farming Macro

/tar tilled
/tar untilled
/tar growing
/tar infested
/tar parched
/tar encroach
/tar wiggling
/tar wild
/tar alluring
/tar tangled
/tar runty
/use seeds
/use dented shovel
/castsequence vintage bug sprayer,rusty watering can

Not really all that happy with this macro, best I could come up with maybe some one can tweek it a bit

  • Basicly this macro works off of the mechanic that if you destroy and replant your crops eventually a bursting crop will spawn that can be instantly harvested. Make sure your standing in front of dirt/crop before you start and replace seeds in the macro with the full name of what ever seeds your are using.
  • This macro has to be used in conjunction with Interact with NPC keybinding. Basicly key bind any key to interact with npc then just hit your macro key and interact with npc keys in sequence.
  • The chances of getting bursting crops to proc is really low dont even attempt this unless your desperate and have the time and money to waste. You could also take out the dented shovel and use this method as a planting and maintenance macro till you get enough rep for the machines.

Raiding and Parties

Post Random LFG Msg

Post Random Dungeon LFG Message in LFG Channel

/run local a,b,c,d,t,h,r,l,z;a,b=UnitClass("player");c=UnitLevel("player");l,t,h,d=GetLFGRoles();r="";if d then r=r.."DPS " end;if t then r=r.."TANK " end;if h then r=r.."HEALER" end;z= a.." LEVEL "..c.." LFG RDF "..r;SendChatMessage(z,"CHANNEL",nil,4)
  • Use: Post a Random Dungeon Looking for Group Message in LookingForGroup channel.
  • Works in 3.3.5a
  • Notes: That macro collect information about your class, level, and the functions in a party you have signed for in the dungeon finder and send a looking for group message, with the collected information, to LookingForGroup channel.

Reload UI and notify group

/afk reloading UI
/run SendChatMessage("reloading my UI - afk for a sec", ((UnitInRaid("player")and "RAID")or(GetNumPartyMembers()>0 and "PARTY")or "AFK")); 
/console reloadui
  • Use: Reload your UI, send a message to your party/raid telling them you're doing so and set an appropriate /afk message.
  • Credit: Ashel of Antonidas
  • Works in 3.2.0a

Autoassist tank if tank target can harm

Autoassist tank if the tank's target can be attacked

/target [@focustarget, harm, nodead]
  • Use /focus to set focus on the main tank (or right click on the tank and select focus).
  • Your target will be set to the main tank's target, but only if the tank is targeting an enemy which is alive.
  • Works in 3.3
#show Attack
/target [@focustarget, harm, nodead]
  • The melee dps version also starts attacking, and sets the icon to your attack ability.

Multi-Purpose Party/Solo Attack Spell

#showtooltip <spellname>
/cast [harm] [@targettarget, harm] [@focus, harm] [@focustarget, harm] <spellname>
  • Use: Cast an attack spell with limited need to change target. Is not useful for AoE spells as they often do not use a direct target.
  • Note: Replace <spellname> (including the <> signs) with the name of the ability you want to cast and don't forget to replace both places <spellname> shows up.
  • Credit: Wu of Kael'thas
  • Tested and working in 4.0.6

This macro works a little differently than some others, as it does not perform a change to your playstyle, but merely limits mouse clicks (if desired) and encourages coordinated assaults. This casts a spell or ability on a priority based target. If you are targetting an enemy, it will cast at your target; if you are targeting a friend who is attacking a mob, it will cast at their target; if you have no target, but your focus is a mob (i.e. boss fight), it will cast at the mob; and finally if you have no target but your focus is friendly and has an enemy target, it will cast at the enemy.

This has been particularly useful for our guild, allowing us to easily coordinate assaults without the requirement for mad AoE damage. Our Off-tanks typically select the main tank as their focus, while our DPS (ranged and melee) select their particular tank or off tank. When the focus changes targets, the DPS are immediately updated to the new target. Quite Handy! For soloing or special circumstances where each person needs their own target, the macros don't hinder us in anyway because it chooses OUR target first.

#showtooltip Fire Blast
/cast [harm] [@targettarget, harm] [@focus, harm] [@focustarget, harm] Fire Blast

Multi-Purpose Party Healing

#showtooltip <spellname>
/cast [help] [@targettarget, help] [@focustarget, help] [@focus, help] [@player] <spellname>
  • Use: Cast an healing/buff spell with limited need to change target. Is not useful for AoE spells as they often do not use a direct target.
  • Note: Replace <spellname> with the name of the ability you want to cast. This includes the <>! And don't forget both places!
  • Credit: Wu of Kael'thas
  • Tested and working in 4.0.6

This macro works like the above, save the order of priority is switched a little (based on observed need). It can be used with a number of strategies, particularly when combined with the above macro. Priorities are as follows: If you are targeting a friendly, cast at them; if your target is targeting a friendly, cast at the friendly (useful for quick adds and bosses with random targeting); if your focus is targeting a friendly, cast at the friendly (useful for bosses); if your focus is friendly, cast at the focus; otherwise, cast at yourself.

Particular bonus when you are using the Multi-Purpose Attack Spell above, as it means you may keep the same person targeted for both healing and harming. You may also create awesome heal groups, for parties with weak AoE heals setting one person as the "main heal". These are just a couple of uses.


Announce Vent in Party

/party My Guild Vent |
/party My Guild Vent | 1234
/party My Guild Vent | secretpassword
/party Normalize Vent - http://some.vent.server/somewhere
/threshold rare
  • Use: Announces your Vent details to your party, sets your loot threshold Rare if you are the leader.
  • Works in 3.1.1


Announce Vent in Raid

/rw Vent Details Posted
/raid My Guild Vent |
/raid My Guild Vent | 1234
/raid My Guild Vent | secretpassword
/raid Normalize Vent - http://some.vent.server/somewhere
/threshold epic
/master player
  • Use: Announces your Vent details to your raid, sets your loot threshold Epic master looter (with yourself as the master looter) if you are the leader.
  • Works in 3.1.1

List raid w/o food buff

List raid members without a food buff

Use this version to list members without a food buff to yourself:

/run nfb="[Eat!]: ";for i=1,GetNumGroupMembers()do for b=1,40 do ua=UnitAura('raid'..i,b);if ua=="Well Fed"or ua=="Food"then break;elseif b==40 and ua~="Well Fed"then nfb=nfb..UnitName('raid'..i).." ";end;end;end;print(nfb);

Use this version to send the list to raid chat:

/run nfb="[Eat!]: ";for i=1,GetNumGroupMembers()do for b=1,40 do ua=UnitAura('raid'..i,b);if ua=="Well Fed"or ua=="Food"then break;elseif b==40 and ua~="Well Fed"then nfb=nfb..UnitName('raid'..i).." ";end;end;end;SendChatMessage(nfb,"raid");
  • Credit: Xaeros of Shadowmoon
  • Use: Click the macro to report members in raid that are neither food buffed nor eating.
  • Works in 7.1

List raid w/o active flask

List raid members without a flask active

Use this version to list members without an active flask to yourself:

/run nf="[Flask!]: ";for i=1,GetNumGroupMembers()do for b=1,41 do ufl=UnitAura('raid'..i,b);if ufl then if strfind(ufl,"Flask")or strfind(ufl,"Distilled")then break;end;elseif b==41 then nf=nf..UnitName('raid'..i).." ";end;end;end;print(nf);

Use this version to send the list to raid chat:

/run nf="[Flask!]: ";for i=1,GetNumGroupMembers()do for b=1,41 do ufl=UnitAura('raid'..i,b);if ufl then if strfind(ufl,"Flask")or strfind(ufl,"Distilled")then break;end;elseif b==41 then nf=nf..UnitName('raid'..i).." ";end;end;end;SendChatMessage(nf,"raid");
  • Credit: Xaeros of Shadowmoon
  • Use: Click the macro to report members in raid that are neither food buffed nor eating.
  • Works in 7.1
  • Will not report people using the Flask of the North.

Just For Fun

Below are macros that serve no real purpose in-game beyond amusement.


There's a whole page dedicated to Mount Macros.

Vanity Pets

Wheel O' Pets

/run q=C_PetJournal;v={q.GetNumPets()}r=random(v[2])p={q.GetPetInfoByIndex(r)}q.SummonPetByGUID(p[1])SendChatMessage("spins the Wheel O' Pets! The wheel stops on ["..r.."/"..v[2].."]: "..p[8].."!","emote");
  • Credit Xaeros of Shadowmoon
  • Use: Click to summon a random vanity pet. This macro has 49 free characters, so feel free to change your message. By default it says: "[player] spins the Wheel O' Pets! The wheel stops on [[random pet number]/[total pet number]]: [random pet's name]!
  • Works in 5.4.7

Random Pet with Announce

/run q=C_PetJournal;v={q.GetNumPets()}r=random(v[2])g={"their","his","her"}x=UnitSex("player")p={q.GetPetInfoByIndex(r)}q.SummonPetByGUID(p[1])SendChatMessage("gasps as "..p[8] .." hops out of "..g[x] .." pocket!","emote")
  • Credit Xaeros of Shadowmoon
  • Use: Click to summon a random vanity pet. This macro has 33 free characters, so feel free to change your message. By default it says: "[player] gasps as [pet] hops out of [his/her] pocket! (The [his/her] is based on the character's gender)
  • Works in 5.4.7

Random Pet with Dismiss

/run DismissCompanion("CRITTER"); CallCompanion("CRITTER", random(GetNumCompanions("CRITTER")));
  • Use: This will first attempt to dismiss any vanity pet you have summoned, and then attempt to randomly summon a new one.
  • Works in 3.1.2
/run local z;for i=GetNumCompanions("CRITTER"),1,-1 do local _,_,_,_,s = GetCompanionInfo("CRITTER",i); if s==1 then z=1;end end if (z==nil) then CallCompanion("CRITTER", random(GetNumCompanions("CRITTER"))) else DismissCompanion("CRITTER") end
  • Use: This is a more advanced version of the above macro, as it first attempts to determine whether or not you already have a pet summoned. If not, it summons one, else it dismisses it. (Note: There's no IsMounted() equivalent for pets, hence the for loop)
  • Works in 3.1.2

Summon random pet w/ salutation

/run local z;t="CRITTER"u=GetNumCompanions(t)v=random(u)for i=u,1,-1 do local _,_,_,_,s=GetCompanionInfo(t,i);if s==1 then z=1;end end if(z==nil)then c,n=GetCompanionInfo(t,v)SendChatMessage("Wow, it's a "..n)CallCompanion(t,v) else DismissCompanion(t)end
  • Credit: Strunge 12:55, December 23, 2009 (UTC) (Talk)
  • Use: This is a compact version of the above macro that also sends a chat message stating what pet, you have summoned. All 255 characters are used, so you can only change the text in the SendChatMessage-part to a statement with the same amount of characters.
  • Works in 3.3

Target's Gender

Have you ever wondered, "Is Razorscale a boy or a girl?", when directing a raid to attack "him" or "her"? Well now you can pronoun with confidence!

Maybe not the most "useful" macro, but a fun one :) Use this to discover your target's gender. You may be surprised, every once in a while Blizz slips up and flags Male NPCs as Female and vice-versa.

/run local x=UnitSex("target");local g={"n unknown!", " boy!", " girl!"} n=GetUnitName("target");if IsShiftKeyDown()then SendChatMessage(n .." is a" ..g[x],"SAY");else print(n .." is a" ..g[x]);end
  • Credit: Xaeros of Shadowmoon
  • Use: Click the macro to print the target's gender. Shift+Click to announce in /SAY.
  • Will not help in the Quest:Tails Up (Cats are flagged as unknown, Bears are all flagged male.)
  • Works in 7.1

Raid Blame (now with Guild Blame!)

Have you ever been in a raid that had an unfortunate wipe? Has your raid ever been left wondering, "What just happened? Who should we blame this on?"? Well, wonder no more! With this macro blame can always be placed upon those who most deserve it with 100% accuracy! [NEW!] Too much blame to go around, and not enough raiders? Well now you can blame the whole guild!

/run x=GetNumGuildMembers(1)g=x>0 and GetGuildRosterInfo(random(1,x))or 0;y=GetNumRaidMembers()r=y>0 and GetUnitName('raid'..random(1,y))or 0;if IsShiftKeyDown()then c,b="Raid",r else c,b="guild",g end;SendChatMessage("[iBlame]: "..b..".",c);
  • Credit: Xaeros of Shadowmoon
  • Use: Click the macro to blame any member of your guild in /guild ! (ex: [iBlame]: RandomGuildie)
  • Use: Shift+Click the macro to blame any member of your raid in /raid ! (ex: [iBlame]: RandomRaider)
  • Extra: This macro currently pulls a random guild member from the entire guild, if you'd rather only blame ONLINE members, change "x=GetNumGuildMembers(1)" to "x=GetNumGuildMembers(0)"
  • Works in 3.3.3a

Food & Water

Eating and drinking

/use [btn:1] <name of water>
/use [btn:1] <name of food>
  • Use: Lets you eat and drink at the press of one button
  • Works in 3.3.5

Eat & drink w/ dynamic food

Eating and drinking with dynamic food & water

#showtooltip [nomod:alt] 1 20; 1 16
/use [mod:shift][btn:3] 1 20
/use [mod:alt][btn:2] 1 16
/stopmacro [mod][nobtn:1]
/use [nomod][btn:1] 1 20
/use [nomod][btn:1] 1 16
  • Use:This macro uses Items from a fixed Bag slot so you can easily exchange the food (B1 Slot 20)/water (B1 Slot 16) you want to be consumed.
    • Default: this macro will use the item in slot 20 and 16 of the first bag (to the left of the bavkpack wich is zero) so you immediately start eating an drinking.
    • Modifiers: You can use the modifiers [alt] and [shift] if you only want to drink or eat. The Modifier alt also views a count of water currently in bag.
    • Buttons: btn1 is default; btn3 is similar to the shift modifier; btn2 is similar to the alt modifier.

Old macros

Old retired or replaced macros.

Macros written before Patch 3.1 that have not been re-validated in newer patches can be found on the old macros page.